Meet Jilly Johnson: Page 3 model's career, husband and Instagram explored

Fifty years after Rupert Murdoch first made the decision to place nude models in his daily paper, Channel 4 has created a one-off documentary looking at the impact of ‘Page 3’.

Page 3 is something which many of us have grown up with; since its inception, now fifty years ago, it has remained a source of controversy and debate. Whether you have or haven’t seen the images, most of the British public are away of what this section of the paper holds.

Channel 4’s Page Three: The Naked Truth airs on Thursday, June 18th and speaks to the models behind Page 3. Big names in the industry such as Katie Price (or “Jordan” as she was known back in the day) stand out, but less is known about some of the other key players.

So, who is Jilly Johnson? Find out about The Sun’s Page 3 model here, plus more about what she’s up to now.

Jilly Johnson.

Who is Jilly Johnson?

Jilly Johnson was born Jilly Gosden on November 17th, 1953 in Queensland, Australia. At the age of 8, Jilly and her family moved back to Surrey, England where her family where originally from.

Although Jilly has had a varied career, she is best known as Britain’s first ever Page 3 girl. This was way back in 1975 when Jilly was in her early 20s.


When Jilly was 16, she had ambitions to go to drama school. Instead, she ended up doing some modelling work. Despite her young age, Jilly stripped off her top for the photoshoot and was shocked when the following day her images were splashed all over the tabloids.

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Jilly Johnson’s talks Page 3 career

Although many former Page 3 models have conflicting views on their involvement, Jilly is of the mindset that she enjoyed the modelling.

Speaking on the fact she started out glamour modelling so young, Jilly Johnson said:

I was so headstrong, I did whatever I liked. But I don’t regret what I did. It was an incredible launch pad for my modelling career and I had so much fun.

She continued: “It was first-class flights, five-star hotels, it was all so crazy that at one point I had to ring down to reception to ask what country I was in.”

Is Jilly Johnson married?

Yes. Jilly has been married twice.

At the age of 19, Jilly married businessman Brian Johnson and the couple had a daughter called Lucy Lyons.

Then, in 2002, she married 74-year-old Ashley Brolin, who is the CEO of Ashley Wilde Group Ltd. Ashley and Jilly had no children together but he had children of his own.

Jilly Johnson is now a grandmother to three and a step-grandmother to seven. She regularly posts about her family and her Great Danes on Instagram. Jilly has just over 3,400 followers.

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