Who is Kelly from Naked Attraction? Brighton carer hits it off with Adam

Naked Attraction is back on Channel 4 this spring with its eighth series to date.

Series 8 episode 2 (Tuesday, April 20th) introduced viewers to two singletons looking for love in a rather unusual fashion. The episode saw Kelly and Carlo choose their dates based on nothing but ‘Naked Attraction’.

So, who is Kelly from Naked Attraction series 8? Find out about the full episode here.

Screenshot: Naked Attraction S8 E2 – 4oD

Who is Kelly from Naked Attraction?

Kelly is a 27-year-old carer from Brighton, England.

When coming on the show, Kelly decided that she wanted to check out both men and women. In the episode, Kelly spoke about coming to terms with her bisexuality: “For years I was dead set on being straight, but then I met a girl at work and I fell for her.” She continued: “Being bisexual can be difficult, but I’m still looking for love.”

She’s hoping that Naked Attraction can be the one to help her!

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Kelly and Adam hit it off

In the episode, Kelly describes herself as “picky.”

There were six contenders in the episode: three guys and three girls. They are Gavin, Oliver, Adam, Dee, Kate, and Sarah.

Sarah and Adam made it to the final two, but in the end, Kelly chose 26-year-old Adam for her date. Adam works as a delivery driver and is from the West Country.

Kelly’s segment ended with the pair going on a date. They even ended the date with a kiss and Kelly saying that “he’s ticking all the boxes.” Adam went on to say: “I can honestly say that was probably the best kiss I’ve ever had.”

Screenshot: Naked Attraction S8 E2 – 4oD

Naked Attraction fans react to Kelly’s choice

The episode features a ‘three weeks later’ update on Kelly and Adam. The two had been dating and were officially “seeing each other.”

After their first date, as seen on Naked Attraction, Adam mentioned: “I messaged her to make sure Kelly got home safely and then we just carried on chatting from there. Sending videos, voice notes. We’re seeing each other aren’t we?”

One fan tweeted: “She was a stunner.”

Another wrote: “I need to know if they worked out”

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what happened for Kelly and Adam next, but they looked pretty loved up by the end of the episode!



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