First Dates Hotel offers the perfect escapism and comfort during those uncertain times when international travel is off the charts for the foreseeable future.

The Channel 4 series returned for series 5 this year with a new line-up of hopeful daters to find love and romance.

The show takes place in a gorgeous holiday resort in Italy which is the perfect spot to enjoy romantic dinners and long walks with a new partner.

In episode 4 (Thursday, May 21st), make-up artist Kiera Rose Lane checked in the hotel to meet her date Jack. So, let’s meet Kiera on Instagram and find out if she and Jack are still together.

Kiera on First Dates Hotel

Meet Kiera Rose Lane

Kiera is a 26-year-old make-up artist from Brentwood, Essex. The First Dates Hotel star mesmerised viewers with her gorgeous tan and make-up.

Similar to other contestants on the C4 show, Kiera has been single for quite a long time. She opened up about her ex who broke her heart after taking someone else to a Venice trip they initially planned to go on together.

Kiera met on a romantic dinner with Essex builder Jack. So have they found love after First Dates Hotel?

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Kiera and Jack on First Dates Hotel

Are Kiera and Jack still together?

No, Kiera and Jack are no longer together!

The end credits of First Dates Hotel revealed that the two enjoyed another romantic night together, suggesting that they have hit it off after coming back to the UK.

However, Kiera took to her social media pages and said that she didn’t find love on the series. She wrote:

I didn’t find love but I found an even better love which is for myself and I’m improving that every day. So to all my fellow unlucky in love girls – WE GOT THIS.
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Follow Kiera and Jack on Instagram

Kiera is already getting big hits and likes on Instagram. She has more than 8,700 followers at the time of writing and this figure is set to rise now that she’s been on First Dates Hotel.

You can find her under the handle @kieraroselane.

We weren’t able to find Jack on Instagram or Twitter and it’s very likely that his social media accounts are private.



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