Are Kimberly and Shane still together? Celebs Go Dating post-filming updates!

Are Kimberly and Shane still together? Celebs Go Dating post-filming updates!

E4’s celebrity dating show is nearing to an end, which means viewers have a certain question. Did Kimberly and Shane stay together?

Celebs Go Dating has a slightly different twist this year, as both the singletons and celebrities stayed in a huge Surrey mansion together.

Along the way, there’s a few who stuck it out to the end, including Shane and Kimberly – who hit it off from the very beginning.

So, are Kimberly and Shane still together? What happened after filming?

Screenshot: Shane and Kimberly, Celebs Go Dating, Episode 12, All 4

Shane and Kimberly on Celebs Go Dating

The pair hit it off from the mixer onwards, plus several cosy dates, however it wasn’t all smooth sailing for them.

Kimberly went on a date with another man, as well as with two women, but decided that her heart still remained with Shane.

Having still only had eyes for each other, they were recently given the key to the cottage, when they spent the night alone together.

Since then, it looks like they have been getting closer on each episode!

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Are Shane and Kimberly together now?

  • Yes

It was revealed on the Celebs Go Dating finale that they have been staying together since the mansion, and have declared their love for each other.

They follow each other on Instagram, plus Kimberly recently commented on a Celebs Go Dating video of them and said: “Shane and Kimberly continuing the cheese theme journey.”

Shane has also said he “met amazing people” while he was on the series, in a response to a fan’s comment. He also keeps thanking anyone who calls him and Kimberly “cute” in the comments!

When an Instagram post of what looks like a groom at his own wedding was uploaded by Shane, a viewer said Kimberly had personally messaged her saying it was a photoshoot.



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