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Where are Leigh and Richard from Grand Designs 2021? Updates on couple's build!

Leigh and Richard are seen on Channel 4’s Grand Designs 2021, as they attempt to build their dream home. So where are they now?

With the help of Kevin McCloud, as well as a team of construction workers, the couple aim to transform an old flour mill into a beautiful new home.

Based in Cornwall, the build gets more and more costly as it gets underway, and Leigh and Richard are seen having to take on a lot of the work.

So where are they now? Are they living in their Grand Designs home?

Grand Designs shot in Liskeard Cornwall. Picture: Channel 4

Who are Leigh and Richard?

Both former skydivers, Leigh, 57, and Richard, 53, are business owners.

The couple have moved from Derbyshire to Cornwall.

Leigh and Richard Woods converted a 17th century flour mill, which is featured on the Grand Designs 2021 series.

When going on the show, they had no experience of building or restoration.

They are so devoted that they decide to sell their house to move 250 miles and live in a caravan on site!

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Leigh and Richard’s Grand Designs

The couple fall in love with a 17th century flour mill in Liskeard, Cornwall, which is listed – but has not been lived in for 60 years.

Full of rotten timbers, cracks in its structure, and filled with rusty machinery, it doesn’t look too promising at first.

With 250K as their budget, Leigh and Richard plan to restore the outside and keep the history inside as much as possible.

They also want to create a warm, contemporary, four-floor, three-bedroom home, all in a 12-month period.

Leigh and Richard employ craftsmen to start work on restoring the exterior, but the damage to the walls, structure and roof is revealed – including part of the floor collapsing!

They are left having to do work themselves on almost all the interior, as they start running out of money, and the mill becomes time-consuming.

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Where are Leigh and Richard now?

The couple were reportedly nearing the successful completion of the project, as of January 7, 2021, according to Silverlake Design on Facebook.

Silverlake Design provided the Heritage Statement and Heritage Impact Assessment, and revealed that the plot cost was £235,000.

Managing to find a way to convert the old mill into a restored modern home, it now has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, at a size of 200sqm.

The property is very likely to be Lametton Mill, Grade II listed and situated in St Keyne, Cornwall, as reported by Cornwall Live.

It has reportedly had its mill wheel removed, along with other machinery.



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