Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins came to an end on Monday night (May 25th) after another season of grueling tasks and challenges.

The Channel 4 show returned for its second celebrity series to date, bringing a cast with the likes of Paralympic athlete Lauren Steadman, former boxer Tony Bellew and Rudimental star’s Leon Rolle, aka DJ Locksmith.

In an interview with Reality Titbit and other media, Locksmith shared his personal experience and how he found the two-week training course with Ant Middleton and his team.

So, let’s find out how Locksmith did on the series, including all the bad and fun stuff from behind-the-scenes!

Ep2. Locksmith

On preparation before SAS: Who Dares Wins

Physical and mental training are key when it comes to training camps like SAS: Who Dares Wins. However, Locksmith revealed that nothing prepares you for a show like this one.

“You can do as much training as you want but it won’t prepare you for what you’re about to endure,” he told us.

The Rudimental star did initial training but once you get in Ant’s training course your mental and physical abilities are both tested to a breaking point.

Plus, they were all sleep-deprived and lived on 800 calories a day!

Ep4. Helen and Locksmith.

What he learned on SAS: Who Dares Wins

You know how they say that challenges and hardships teach you only good things in life.

Well, that’s the scenario with Locksmith as he said he took away only “positive things” from his experience.

He said: “You have a good, deep, meaningful talk about all the strategies and techniques that the DS use to try to break you and build you right back up.

“For me, I have got nothing but positive things from that and different techniques and ways to incorporate more positive things in my life.”

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On working with Ant Middleton

Locksmith knows Ant from Soccer Aid for Unicef 2019 and kept in touch with him after the charity event.

The DJ said that Ant is a “top bloke” in his eyes, joking that he crossed the line on the training camp when he called him by his first name.

He added that “you’re put in that world straight away” which means that there’s little time to realise the harsh reality you’ve been placed in.

Yasmin, Locksmith, Tony, Anthea

Was there a moment he broke down?

There was one situation when Locksmith almost lost it as he couldn’t cope with the stress.

He was blindfolded and pushed to a breaking point by Ant when he was moments away from giving up. But you’ll never guess what helped him keep going.

“I wanted to get out of it but it’s one of these things is how far you are willing to go, there’s a sense of pride there for me,” Locksmith told us. “In my head, I had Joey Essex on opposite me.”

He joked:

All I could see is an image of him. I said, ‘There’s no way I’m leaving and Joey Essex is still staying there’. No chance.

On working with the other recruits

If there’s one key thing that’s important on a show like this one is teamwork and team spirit.

Locksmith shared that there were many “beautiful” moments during touch challenges when fellow recruits helped each other.

Well, we can only hope that our SAS: Who Dares Wins favourites keep in touch after the series has finished!

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