We found Liam from Lodgers for Codgers on Instagram: Meet the Channel 4 star!

Brand new reality series Lodgers for Codgers is launching to Channel 4 this Friday, August 28th. 

The current housing crisis means now more than ever, young people are struggling to find places to live. This is in contrast with the elderly population across the country, many of whom have room to spare. And so, Lodgers for Codgers was created.

This reality series will follow young people as they try moving in with the over 60s. If they get along, the lodgers can stay for good. It’s a bit of a mish-mash between Four in a Bed, house hunting, and speed dating.

First up in episode 1 (August 28th) is Liam, who goes to live with 83-year-old Flo. But who is Liam? Find out about the Lodgers for Codgers star here.

Screenshot: Lodgers for Codgers S1 E1 clip – Channel 4 YouTube

Who is Liam from Lodgers for Codgers?

Liam, who is now 20 years old but was 19 when they filmed the series, is originally from Coventry. He lives with his mum, dad and brother. Liam works for a travel agency and is already accomplished despite his young age.

In the first episode of Lodgers for Codgers, Liam goes to live with 83-year-old Flo, a straight-talker who is looking to help others and “make a small contribution towards their lives.”


Flo is based in Brighton. Liam moving in with Flo on Lodgers for Codgers was his first real taste of independence; although he’d already established himself financially, Liam had yet to move out.

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We found Liam on Instagram

Already, Liam has somewhat of an Instagram following, with over 1,600 followers before the episode aired.

So far, Liam has commented on numerous posts in anticipation of his Lodgers for Codgers appearance. But he has yet to post anything to Instagram – Stories or posts – about his experience in full. We can’t wait to hear what Liam has to say!

You can check out Liam on Instagram and see what he’s up to now by following him @liambrown1_.

Lodgers for Codgers on Channel 4

There will be six episodes in the first-ever season of Lodgers for Codgers. This means we anticipate the series to conclude on Friday, October 2nd.

Featured alongside Liam in the first episode is 26-year-old Nicole, who moves in with Hastings couple Claudine and Ted.

Down the line, we will be introduced to Sophie who moves in with Eunice in Birmingham, and 21-year-old Marvell who moves in with Lynne and John in Glastonbury.





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