Made in Chelsea series 18 has immediately chucked audiences back into the sticky situation that surrounds Maeva d’Aascanio, James Taylor and Miles Nazaire.

It’s a modern-day love story – aka it comes in the form of a love triangle.

Maeva has dated both SW3 lotharios, she’s test-driven them in the bedroom and even spent the night pin-pointing from one mouth to the other in a game of kissing table tennis.

Finally, it’s hit the point where the French firecracker must make up her mind and start to lay down some more serious relationship foundations with one of her MIC toy boys.

So, who gets the nod? Is Maeva still with James Taylor? Or does slippery Miles find a way of slithering in there yet again?

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Maeva and Miles post-Made in Chelsea

Maeva (27) joined the MIC gang in 2018 (series 16), one season after Miles had ended up on the show. However, she already knew the 23-year-old stud on a very personal level.

Miles and Maeva dated long before they both turned up on the E4 reality soap, with Maeva confessing that Miles was her “first love”.

Maeva was born is French and was born in Paris while Miles is half-French and speaks the language fluently thanks to his dad.

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On-again off-again

Series 16 and 17 saw the French lovers attempt to move on from one other for good, with Miles spreading his seed across London in a carefree manner and Maeva effortlessly sinking her claws into the SW3 drama and dating just about dating anyone that would earn her a solid storyline.

Eventually, Maeva took a shining to James Taylor.

James was not only Miles’s good friend at the time but also his housemate.

In a nail-biting series 17 finale, we saw James and Maeva hand-in-hand, with Miles seemingly pushed to the sidelines. He was reduced to tears when he found that the pair had hooked up and categorially made James his public enemy no.1

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Are Maeva and James Taylor still together?

Judging by Instagram… yes!

Made in Chelsea season 18 will do its best to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, desperately unsure if Maeva progresses her relationship with James or turns back to old flame Miles.

However, a quick glance at Instagram just about sums it all up.

Maeva can be pictured at a range of events with James and on red wine dates as recent as September 9th. There are even ooey-gooey captions from Maeva such as “cold as ice but in the right hands she melts.”

From the pieces we can investigate on social media, Maeva and James are still very much dating and Miles has been frozen out of the picture – Maeva isn’t even following him on Instagram!




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