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Made in Chelsea: Are Sam and Zara back together?

Drama in Chelsea is well underway after Zara McDermott revealed she cheated on Sam Thompson. But are they now back together?

The news has completely taken over the reality TV world, as the latest MIC episode saw Zara begging Sam for forgiveness. It comes after he found out she had slept with someone about a year ago.

This led to Sam ending things with Zara, as shown on the E4 series. However, viewers are wondering whether they are on the mend…

Screenshot: Zara McDermott, Episode 4 Series 20, Made in Chelsea, All 4

What happened between Zara and Sam?

They were together for 16 months before Sam decided to cut things short.

It comes after Zara confessed that she had slept with someone else while competing on Celebrity X Factor.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Since then, she has been publicly trying to get Sam back, including posting a video montage to her Instagram that reflects on their relationship.

She said that she was “sorry” and that she is “forever wishing” she could “turn back the clock”.

Zara was living with Sam at his home in Chelsea, however since their split she moved back in with her parents in Essex.

Are Zara and Sam back together?

  • No

Sam posted a video to his Instagram on October 25th which mocked Zara begging him for forgiveness.

He has since deleted the video but initially said it was posted with Zara’s permission, with her replying: “Oh golly”, with several laughing emojis. This insinuates that the pair may be talking again.

But in an interview with New! magazine, a source revealed:

“His ego was badly bruised by what’s happened and we doubt his pride will let him take her back. Zara is making a bit of a fool of herself. She’s not giving up – she really thinks she has a chance – but everyone in Sam’s circle knows it’s not going to happen and she’s fighting a losing battle.

They added: “He’s never going to take her back, she needs to stop.”

Fans discuss if they should get back together

Some viewers are in favour of Sam forgiving Zara, while others are having none of it. There seems to be two very contrasting sides.

One fan wrote: “I just feel if Zara and Sam got back together, she would always feel people don’t accept her/ like her/ trust her/ are normal around her as much. It will always be on her mind. People won’t forget that. Including Louise! Don’t delay the inevitable #MIC.”

Another thinks the whole thing is fake, and said: “Sam and Zara are just waiting for when the producers tell them they can get back together again.”



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