Made in Chelsea: Are Tristan and Liv together now? Updates in October 2020

A whole load of fresh drama is happening on Made in Chelsea. Amongst it all, is a new relationship be on the cards for Tristan and Liv?

And it’s not the two MIC stars that seem to be enjoying each other’s company, as many viewers are also completely worshipping their fling.

Recent episodes have seen Tristan Phipps and Olivia Bentley kissing and sharing a bed together. But is it all fun and games, or is there something more serious happening between them?

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea, Episode 4 Series 20, All 4

What happened between Liv and Tristan?

Liv and Tristan started their romance, which Liv called “harmless fun”, during a drunken night when she gave him a lap dance and they kissed.

As shown on series 20 of MIC, it comes while Tristan’s ex Verity Bowditch is getting friendly with new cast member Charlie Frederick (they have also shared a kiss or two).


But despite Liv brushing off her and Tristan’s flirting and kissing, it looks like things could be getting serious between them.

In the latest episode, they ask each other what they are doing and share yet another kiss, despite Liv previously saying she doesn’t want a relationship.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea, Episode 4 Series 20, All 4
Screenshot: Made in Chelsea, Episode 4 Series 20, All 4

Are Liv and Tristan together now?

  • At the time of writing, it has not been revealed that Liv and Tristan are in a relationship

However Liv, who currently lives in west London with co-star Tiffany Watson, revealed she has “no regrets” when talking about her dating antics on Made in Chelsea, as reported by the Daily Mail on October 19.

Liv told the Daily Mail:

Some people may question that I’ve kissed one too many blokes but I don’t give a s***! I really don’t. If it was fun at the time, it will work out.

Looking at both Tristan and Liv’s Instagram accounts, they haven’t shared any pictures together, hinting that their romance may not have continued.

Several weeks ago, Liv shared a post kissing co-star Freddie Browne on the cheek, but stated they weren’t dating.

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Fans support Liv and Tristan’s romance

Although there are no confirmations about whether they have got into a relationship, viewers haven’t held back from sharing their thoughts.

One fan wrote: “I want Liv and Tristan to be together #madeinchelsea.”

While another said: “I think the Liv and Tristan thing is set up to be honest, I don’t get it.”



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