Made in Chelsea ft the woke return of Sam Thompson - wise, mature and with a beard!

Made in Chelsea ft the woke return of Sam Thompson - wise, mature and with a beard!

Monday night’s (September 23rd) episode of Made in Chelsea featured the return of fan-favourite Sam Thompson.

While Sammy T has always been adored by fans for his playful nature, childish gags and boundless enthusiasm, he has always carried a certain D-bag persona.

Incapable of staying faithful, we’ve witnessed the 26-year-old cheat on various girlfriends during his time on the E4 series and repeatedly caught in complicated love triangles.

At the end of series 16, however, the tables were turned on Sammy. Following a tumultuous relationship with co-star Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo, Sam felt the sting of an added dagger to the heart as Habbs went on to form a relationship with his best friend, Jamie Laing.

Sam sat on the sidelines for MIC series 17 to get himself back on track but has now returned with a fresh glow up. He boasts a bulked-up torso, a rugged beard and, most importantly, seems to have drastically matured.

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Woke Sam Thompson – no hard feelings towards Habbs

Sam returned to Made in Chelsea for a supposed fiery bust-up with friend-turn-enemy Jamie Lang and ex-girlfriend Habbs.

However, it didn’t exactly turn out like that.

A more immature Sam could have held a grudge towards Habbs, as it was both she and Jamie who decided to move into a relationship following the break up.

Instead, he was warm and welcoming to Habbs, glad to see that she was happy having moved on from him.

Sam was mature enough to meet his ex face to face, where she dished out the obligatory “apologies” for how awkward things became following their breakup. Yet Sammy sweetly added:

It’s okay, you don’t owe me anything.

There were a handful of catty comments about Jamie’s actions but all in all it was a solid and surprisingly mature performance from Sam on his return.

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Series 18 return – seeing himself in Jamie Laing

Sam didn’t attack Jamie for moving on with his ex but was, in fact, more disappointed that Jamie had cheated on Habbs.

It was all-wise words as Sam explained he’s seen shades of Jamie’s bad-boy persona in himself – i.e cheating, lying and disloyalty.

But Sam’s key point to Jamie was the fact that he’s never had the audacity to date his best friends’ ex, adding that he specifically asked Jamie “not to date Habbs”.

Mr Laing has proved the quick-witted king of arguments over the years but he was pretty stumped when it came to Sam’s points.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea series 18, Sam Thompson return

Sam Thompson’s new look

Okay, so Sammy was still wearing a plain monochrome T with a dangling pendant necklace over the top – his standard look.

Alex Mytton joked that Sam had been training for the moment to rip Jamie’s head off and we could have envisioned that given his new padded shoulders and thicker arms.

Six months off to grow a beard and hit the gym hard… Sam Thompson is looking better than ever!

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea series 18, Sam Thompson return




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