The 21st series of E4’s Made in Chelsea is getting well underway, and Julius and Miles have their eye on someone. So, who is Inga?

From new cast members and gossip, to relationship feuds – and some romantic beginnings – there’s nothing short of new gossip in Chelsea.

Tiffany Watson is seen introducing Inga to her fellow cast members, which instantly takes them back to when they each shared a night with her.

So, who is Inga Valentiner? What does she do for a living? We found the new MIC star on Instagram…

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Who is Inga Valentiner?

Inga joins MIC as Tiffany Watson’s friend, after living in Bali for four years.

She is a London-based artist who usually does work on surfboards.

During her introduction, Inga reveals that her and co-star Julius Cowdrey spent a night on the beach in Bali together.

It is also discovered that both her and MIC star Miles Nazaire spent a night together in London once, after flirting online.

Tiff asked Inga how isolation was, so it looks like she had only been back in the UK for a couple of weeks before filming for the E4 series.

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What does Inga Valentiner do for a living?

  • She is an artist

Inga is a London-based artist who usually designs on surfboards.

She offers custom art, usually focusing on canvas work, and has also done tattoo ink designs for clients.

The new MIC star has 147 followers on her Instagram page, which it looks like she launched just under a year ago.

It can be assumed that Inga is mainly self-employed, as there is no other career information on her available.

Meet Inga Valentiner on Instagram

Inga is followed by several MIC cast members, including Ollie Locke and Sophie Hermann – who posted a picture with her – to name a couple.

It looks like she may have grown quite close to them while spending time with them in the Cotswolds house.

As expected, Inga’s Instagram page is mainly filled with pictures of her time in Bali, where she went surfing and swam in the sea!

Looking at her Instagram, we learned that she has a little sister called Pia and lived with a group of girls in Bali.

However, she doesn’t give too much away about her personal life. We will have to get to know her better on Made in Chelsea!



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