Series 18 of Made in Chelsea followed the trials and tribulations of young Chelsea residents and their problems seem to be mounting more than ever in 2019.

Newcomer to the show in 2018 Maeva D’ascanio was on and off again with MIC hottie Miles Nazaire. But in a series 17 shock twist she ended up with his ex-best friend, James Taylor.

Now, James and Maeva’s ‘relationship’ is going strong.

She celebrated her birthday during episode 7 of the show, so how old is MIC’s Maeva?
Screenshot: Maeva Made in Chelsea age – Channel 4

How old is Made in Chelsea’s Maeva?

Per Maeva’s Instagram page, she turned 30 years old in 2022.

She’s close in age to that of her fellow cast members such as Ruby Adler and Joel Mignott – who are both 26.

Maeva celebrates her birthday on August 13 and took to the ‘gram in 2022 to share some of her best moments of the year. The mother-of-one shared a snap of herself wearing an orange dress holding a birthday balloon on IG.

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Screenshot: Maeva Made in Chelsea age – Channel 4

Maeva celebrates her birthday

Episode 7 of Made in Chelsea Series 18 saw Maeva, James, Rosi and the gang head out to Istanbul, Turkey.

Even Sam Thompson joined the crew on their trip and played a part in the drama that was to come.

While Maeva was airing her doubts about trusting James fully to just about anyone who would listen, the rest of the group were discussing James’ latest drama with his ex, Verity.

Maeva Made in Chelsea age
Screenshot: Maeva Made in Chelsea age – Channel 4

Made in Chelsea: What happened in Istanbul?

Things took a turn for the worst in Istanbul when Verity came out with some gossip on James sharing a bed with her at a party, cuddling her for the whole night and asking if he could go home with her while in Istanbul.

In true Made in Chelsea fashion, word quite quickly got back to Maeva. And James was once again red in the face with nowhere to run.

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Maeva Made in Chelsea age
Screenshot: Maeva Made in Chelsea age – Channel 4



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