A brand new season of Married At First Sight kicked off in 2022 and this time the experts are working their magic in Boston. Dr Pepper and her team have matched couples together who got married sight unseen. For some couples, MAFS has seen them end up with the fairytale romance they always dreamed of, but for many, it’s ended in disaster.

MAFS season 14 couple Chris and Alyssa already opted out of the programme and got divorced leaving just four couples remaining on the Lifetime show. As the weeks roll on, fans of the show are putting in their predictions on which couples will stay married after the show. So, let’s take a look at what viewers are saying about MAFS season 14 and who they think will still be together at the end of the series.

Ready to Love | Trailer | discovery+

Ready to Love | Trailer | discovery+

MAFS season 14: Steve and Noi

Married At First Sight couple Steve and Noi started out as one of the more promising looking couples on season 14.

However, as the social experiment has gone on, Steve and Noi don’t appear to be as loved up as they once were.

Many MAFS fans have taken to Twitter to comment on Steve and Noi’s relationship with many confused on Noi’s uncertainty about living together but also wanting three children.

One viewer suggested in a tweet they don’t think Noi and Steve will go the distance.

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Fans give their take on Mark and Lindsay

Mark and Lindsay have had a pretty tumultuous journey on MAFS in 2022.

Judging by Twitter, it looks like viewers have mixed feelings when it comes to Mark and Lindsay’s future together.

Some MAFS viewers have high hopes for Mark and Lindsay. One person tweeted: “Early on there were doubts if any of these couples will survive past decision day. But now I think all four couples will say yes on decision day. I also believe that Mark and Linds have the best chance to stay together long-term. And maybe Steve and Noi.”

Someone else tweeted that they think Mark and Lindsay will end up divorced.

MAFS season 14: Olajuwon and Katina

A MAFS season 14 couple who have had viewers tweeting the most is likely Olajuwon and Katina.

The two have had a rollercoaster ride of a social experiment getting Married At First Sight with Olajuwon even caught talking about Dr Pepper behind her back.

Looking at MAFS viewers’ tweets, many don’t agree with Olajuwon and Katina remaining a married couple. One person tweeted that Olajuwon should’ve been paired with a different wife, instead: “Olajuwon and Lindsay should’ve been together from the jump. They’re literally the same person.

Jasmina and Michael: Do fans think they’ll stay together?

Going into Decision Day, Michael and Jasmina were very much uncertain about whether they wanted to get married or not. Jasmina said she felt connected to Michael but the two weren’t sure if their spark was romantic. Michael said it was feeling more like friends and their lack of intimacy hasn’t been missed by viewers.

One fan of the show tweeted: “Jasmina hasn’t even wanted to kiss her husband in the weeks she’s been with him but they’re still both sitting here trying to figure out if they should stay together.

Others have said that the two look great as a couple, but that might not mean they’ll last in a marriage: “I will say Jasmina and Michael look great together aesthetically.

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