Olajuwon Dickerson has quickly become the MAFS villain of this season, as his blind marriage to Katina unfolds on-screen. Some think he requires too many apologies from her, but what does he do for a living?

The self-acclaimed ‘playboy’ has decided to switch things up and marry a total stranger. Now, he is ready to settle down with Katina Goode, who has always dreamed of becoming a wife and mother.

Their relationship seemed to go from strength to strength at first, but in recent episodes, Lifetime fans notice that their bond seems to be cracking. From questioning her womanhood to finding out about a dating app, there’s been tension.

So, what does Olajuwon do for work and how does it differ to his previous ‘playboy’ history?

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What is Olajuwon Dickerson’s job?

Olajuwon is a municipal wastewater operator. During his time on MAFS though, he has claimed Katina’s schedule allows her to be more flexible when it comes to cooking and cleaning.

He explained that his work schedule involves lots of shifts overnight, which is why he wants the house he comes back to, to be cleaned and tidy. Olujawon said during a recent episode:

No, what you don’t see on camera is that I work at night. So when I come home during the morning and the house is messed up as it was, it’s frustrating. You work at home but I don’t see no work being done. You say things and I don’t see it being done. I question is this even real? Do you have a job? She does have a job. Yeah, I could’ve absolutely handled that a lot better.

The 29-year-old has admitted he is a former ‘playboy’, and has even revealed he went to college with Jephte Pierre, who starred on season six of the Lifetime reality TV series.

Olajuwon also reportedly used to play football and was involved in the position of Defensive Tackle for Milton High School back in 2011, as per ESPN.

The MAFS star’s ‘playboy’ past

Olajuwon has held his hands up and admitted he was a bit of a player in the past. However, he decided to change that and find his one true love during the Lifetime series, instead of messing about.

He realised that he felt lonely following the ‘playboy’ period of his life, and now wants a partner who he can share life and hopefully go on to have a family of his own with – in this case, Katina seems to fit the bill.

During a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with his fellow cast members, Olajuwon admitted that he has dated a mother-daughter duo – on separate occasions in the past – and used to go by his old alter ego name ‘Issac’.

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Fans think he ‘requires too many apologies’

Since Olajuwon began sharing his dissatisfaction with Katina’s cooking and cleaning methods, he went as far as to take her to a cookery class. He admitted that the taste and seasoning was better than what she had made him.

However, the final cherry on top for viewers was when he got angry with Katina, after he found a dating app on her phone. Many have since voiced their opinions on Twitter, with most defending Katina’s side.

One viewer wrote: “Can someone tell me why Katina owed Olujawon any kind of an apology? I don’t get why she’s giving so much to someone who isn’t matching what she’s giving.

Another posted their opinion after Katina said she had not used the dating app during their marriage. They said: “Me searching high and low for ANY reason Katina should have apologized to Olajuwon. She’s better than me.

Olajuwon does not deserve an apology for a dating app that hasn’t been used. His ego is too much,” reacted another.



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