The Circle: What is Manrika's ethnicity? Channel 4 star's roots explored!

Manrika Khaira joins the cast of The Circle 2021 series – here are her ethnicity, family and social media profiles explored.

The Circle is finally back for its much-anticipated third season with a group of new contestants who hope to outsmart each other and win the grand cash prize.

One of the stars on the Channel 4 reality programme is TikTok personality and recruitment consultant Manrika Khaira who is taking part as herself.

The Circle 2021 star has a reason for that. So, what’s her ethnicity?

Screenshot: Manrika, The Circle Series 3 | Brand new Players, Channel 4 YouTube

Who is Manrika?

Manrika, 24, is a popular TikTok personality with 315k followers on the social media platform. She comes from Walsall.

In an interview with Birmingham Mail, she revealed why she started a TikTok career, saying: “I was tired of seeing Tiktok dances from people in huge mansions, so I thought I’d jump on the hype and make people laugh from my council estate kingdom.”

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Outside of her social media job, the Circle 2021 star is a recruitment consultant. However, her Facebook profile shows that she has been self-employed since October, 2020, so it’s not clear whether she still works in recruitment or has turned that into a self-employment gig.

On her TikTok profile, Manrika regularly shares motivation videos, make-up and hair tutorials, comedy sketches, among many more.

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The Circle S3 – Manrika Kharia

The Circle: Manrika’s ethnicity

Manrika revealed that she comes from an Indian background.

Speaking about why she decided to take part on the Channel 4 programme, she said: “I’ve been judged my whole life for the way I live because I come from an Indian background.

“My parents and family are very westernised but it’s the wider society, the way that I live isn’t the expectation of what an Indian girl should be. So, I’m going on to show that you can still live your life, have that social media lifestyle and also be a respectable girl.”

Based on her social media channels, Manrika appears to be very close to her mother and brother, Harvey, and she often shares snaps with them.

Follow Manrika on Instagram

Chances are that some of you follow Manrika on Instagram as she enjoys a massive fan base on the social media site.

With 49k followers at the time of writing, she regularly shares snippets of her latest career projects – with one of them including her doing BBC sketch shows.

You can follow Manrika under the handle @manrikakhaira.



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