Marina Pownall is one of the 16 Rise and Fall contestants, so let’s get to know her on Instagram. The brand new Channel 4 show kicked off on Sunday, March 19.

Channel 4‘s Rise and Fall is hosted by Greg James. The competition series sees 16 strangers fight to gain power and bag themselves a £100,000 prize.

Episode 1 saw some of the contestants living in luxurious conditions, while others were sent to the basement of the tower block to live and work.

Group shot of the Rise and Fall cast with Greg James
Credit: Channel 4 Press

Who is Rise and Fall’s Marina?

Marina Pownall is one of the 16 contestants taking part in brand new competition series Rise and Fall in 2023.

The show features people from all walks of life. Jeff, 69, is an art dealer, Joanna is a 50-year-old interior designer and Jack is a 28-year-old builder.

Marina is one of the show’s younger contestants at just 18 years old.

She said that people are “often shocked” at her age, adding: “Fake it ’til you make it, confidence is key.”

Marina left university

As she takes part in Rise and Fall, Marina works as a receptionist and lives with her parents.

She was at university but decided to switch up her career plan and drop out to follow her dreams of becoming an actor.

Speaking during promo before the show came out, Marina said that she thinks the “older generation had it easier in some aspects.”

Marina is hoping that she’ll get people on her side on the competition which will result in her “getting to the top.”

Meet the Rise and Fall star on Instagram

London-based reality star Marina can be found on Instagram at @marinapownall with over 1.7k followers.

She may be experiencing life living in the basement on Channel 4’s Rise and Fall, but judging by Marina’s Instagram page she’s more accustomed to having fun than being a “grafter.”

Marina turned 18 in July 2022 and seems to enjoy a night out, looking at her IG page.

She’s bringing the positivity on Rise and Fall and wants to motivate others.


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