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shareen and david married at first sight

Married At First Sight: Are David and Shareen still together?

David and Shareen are one of the couples who were paired up on Channel 4’s new UK series.

The pair will feature on Married At First Sight, the UK-based version of the Australian show. It will showcase weddings where the two people will see each other for the first time just moments before they put a ring on each other’s fingers. Experts have matched the two singletons in the hopes to make the perfect couple.

So are David and Shareen still together? Did they continue with their marriage? We done some research!

The wedding of Shareen and David, Married at First Sight. CPL Productions for Channel 4 UK. Picture Publicist: Carl Palmer. Photographer: Indigo Wild Studio – Simon Johns

Meet Shareen and David

Shareen Geer is a 47-year-old mother-to-three from South Africa. She moved to Llanelli in Wales and has her own events management business.

She has never been married before, so the show will be her first time officially tying the knot.

David is a 56-year-old sales director and father-of-two from Solihull. He was previously married for 10 years.

He has been described as an “adventurer” and was matched with Shareen by relationship experts on the show.

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Shareen and David on Married At First Sight

The pair, who are the oldest couple to be matched on the Married At First Sight show, have labelled their marriage as a “fairy tale”, according to the Daily Mail.

The pair’s families surrounded them as Shareen walked down the aisle. The newlywed events manager said:

I looked at him and I felt that instant sigh of relief. I thought, ‘Oh, he’s a good-looking man. That’s a relief, wow, OK, I’m happy.

David then admitted that he “fancied her” as soon as he saw Shareen. He later said:

If the chemistry happens on day one, wonderful. If it happens on day six, or month six, it doesn’t really bother me. I’ve been single for a year so it’s no rush for me.

However the question is whether the couple have continued their marriage.

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Are Shareen and David still together?

  • No

Birmingham Mail claimed that David revealed he and Shareen split after they filmed for Married At First Sight. This is despite Shareen confirming on her Instagram at the start of October that she is officially married. However she does not show her relationship status on her Facebook profile.

She wrote: “I always say I love an adventure, this has undoubtedly been my biggest adventure.” Adding a heart, this insinuates that it was a happy marriage for the pair.

While on her Instagram, she wrote:

It’s official – I am married. So many have asked whether I went through with it or not and is it actually a legal wedding…. yes it’s a legal wedding but due to confidentiality I haven’t been able to say anything until this article. Incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to potentially find unconditional love.



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