Married At First Sight: Can they say no? Are contestants obliged to get married?

In a list of the most daring reality series ever, Married At First Sight has got to be up there – as two people say their vows when they meet.

Two people go from being single to putting a ring on it on the very first day they lay eyes on each other, in a dramatic twist on dating.

The series puts matched strangers to the ultimate test, as they marry, live together for 8 weeks, and go on an all expenses-paid honeymoon.

So, can they just decide to say no? Could they walk away from the wedding?

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Can they say no on Married At First Sight?

  • No

Each contestant must reportedly marry a stranger, move in with them, and live with them for eight weeks.

However, they are only bound to these rules until Decision Day, when they can decide whether to remain married, or get a divorce.

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According to Cheat Sheet, no one is forced to continue with the relationship after the marital trial period is over.

Married At First Sight: Are weddings real?

  • Yes

However, it is a civil ceremony rather than an actual wedding, which means the the marriage is still legally binding.

After the ceremony, a license is required to be signed by each person to ensure they are legally married.

For an everyday couple, the paperwork is collected several weeks before the wedding, and signed after, but this cannot be done on MAFS.

This is because the names, ages, addresses, and so on, could be revealed of their new wife or husband, which would completely ruin the whole idea!

What other rules do the couples follow?

There are a range of rules that each contestant is expected to follow when going on Married At First Sight.

Following a very lengthy selection process – including hours of interviews – here is a list of just some of the requirements to enter the show:

  • You cannot already be legally married
  • You must be at least 25 years old
  • You have to live in the city the season will be based at
  • You have to apply online (or be scouted by a producer)
  • You have to fill out a long questionnaire
  • Be honest about previous relationships
  • Have a background check carried out
  • Go through a psychological evaluation
  • Have finances investigated
  • No say in who you will be matched with
  • Have your social media account hidden before filming (and after for a limited period of time)

These are all according to Women’s Health Mag, and are just some of the rules – yes, there are more guidelines than those listed above!



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