Series Three of Married At First Sight returned to Channel 4 last night (Thursday 15, February, 2018) with six singletons ready to put their faith in science and to marry a complete stranger.

The show follows a group of people matched by experts through rigorous psychological and biological tests.

Once a match is found and the first time the new love hopefuls meet one-other is at the alter. And the process leading to a full-blown marriage is just six weeks.

Yup – this show is loco.

More than 4,000 people applied for the series but it was police officer Stephanie who was the lucky selectee, matched with quantity surveyor Benjamin, mainly down to their shared family values.

“I’ve probably spent the last 37 years messing it up,” – said Ben, on his attempts at finding love.

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4, Episode one
Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4, Episode one

“So why not give someone else a go at it.”

Audiences nervously waited to see whether the two would click, with almost every other couple from the Married At First Sight show proving a complete disaster.

Ben explained to his parents that he had signed up to the experiment, which was based on “hair samples” and “tests”.  The reaction from his dad wasn’t exactly in the form of a blessing.

Ben’s dad said: “Nothing can work scientifically – love isn’t science.”

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, Ben's dad reacts
Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, Ben’s dad reacts

He added: “I don’t think it’s right – what you’re doing.”

Ben had always wished he could meet his “childhood sweetheart” but those cards were never on the table.

Straight to the alter for a wedding with a stranger it is then.

With the countdown to the big day in full swing, Stephanie plucked her perfect dress from the shop, celebrated her hen doo, and completed all the complicated legal procedures that occur when marrying someone you’ve never met – AKA signing a lot of waiver forms.

The big day unfolded with guests and family members eagerly anticipating the jaw-dropping reveal – literally non-one in the church knew what both the bride and groom looked like!

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4, Episode one
Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4, Episode one

As Stephanie walked down the aisle however and Ben gasped in awe, saying “she looks amazing”.

The crowd laughed nervously as the pair drew closer and the first “hello” was uttered to a huge round of applause.

A mutual attraction looked bloody obvious.

Stephanie said: “I feel like we already know each other and we’re just catching up.”

The pair completed their vows and were legally pronounced husband and wife before skipping the usual kiss and instead doing a selection of unconventional wedding acts like checking out one-others bodies, tattoos and generally attempting to gauge who it was they had just married.

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4, Episode one
Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4, Episode one

Ben’s friend Martin said: “I know Ben’s face, and when I can see from his cheesy grin – he is beaming.”

Family members added “this a match made in heaven” and “I can see the chemistry they’ve got with each other” as the newly weds laughed and played around.

Twitter burst into flames, desperate to see the pair continue their blossoming relationship and to prove the Married At First Sight series wrong .

Find out next week as series three continues on Channel 4, at 9pm.

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