April Banbury and Ryan Darvill had a short-lived romance after The Cabins

April Banbury and Ryan Darvill had a short-lived romance after The Cabins

April Banbury is getting to know a complete stranger on Married at First Sight… who became her husband. But the truth is, the reality star is used to appearing on dating shows as she previously appeared on ITV’s The Cabins.

She decided to tie the knot with a total stranger called George Roberts on MAFS. As their marriage plays out on the daring Channel 4 show, many viewers remember her previous dating stint with Ryan Darvill on another show.

What happened between April and Ryan? They actually went on to keep dating post-filming, but called it quits before the Ms Great Britain star decided to give a new relationship ago. Let’s get to know more about their split.

Meet The Cabin’s Ryan

Model Ryan starred on ITV’s The Cabins in November 2020, when he was 30 years old. Originally from Winchester, the London-based resident now works for EST Models at a height of 6 ft 1.

The freelance model is a fitness fanatic, from doing regular gym work outs and skateboarding, to surfing it up in the sea. He has also represented Bureau Model Management as part of his portfolio.

Ryan is also a qualified electrician and carpenter, as well as an events planner, alongside his modelling work. He has been posing in front of the camera as a fashion model since 2015, when he became self-employed.

April and Ryan’s romance

April and Ryan hit it off on The Cabins, sharing several kisses both on the sofa and in the hot tub. They were smitten with each other, and went on to date after the show. He met her friends and decorated her Christmas tree!

They were still together at the reunion, but later called time on their relationship. The pandemic caused their romance to fizzle out, and they had plans to meet up after Covid-19, but they are no longer following each other on Instagram.

She told The Mirror:

We can’t mix, we can’t risk giving each other Covid. It would be detrimental to our work. I have found it particularly hard. I so want to see him, to see how it goes and to progress on a romantic level, building on what we’ve got. We’re taking things slowly, we have no choice.

MAFS: April and George

April and George’s marriage seemed to begin well, until they went on their honeymoon. George found out April had kissed someone, but the couple decided to move past the incident and try to stay together.

However, things have still taken a turn and the two don’t appear to be getting along. April also hinted that she left the show with friendships during an interview, and did not confirm she was still with George.

She told The Sun:

I’ve come out of this with not only learning a lot about myself but amazing friendships that will last a life-time. But I’m not ready [for another reality show] yet, at the moment I’m just trying to get myself through this one.



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