Briana Myles and Vincent Morales fulfil their MAFS success story
Screenshot: Married at First Sight: Vincent, Briana and the Blindfold Dare (Season 12, Episode 10) | Lifetime YouTube

Briana Myles and Vincent Morales fulfil their MAFS success story

Going on Married at First Sight is always a risky move, but Briana Myles and Vincent Morales were prepared to make their first meeting a success story. And they’ve done exactly that by continuing to stay wed to each other.

During the Lifetime show’s 12th season, which took place in Atlanta in 2021, they quickly became a fan favorite. However, their journey didn’t come without differences, such as their inability to agree on the topic of children.

Some couples who have tried to make a blind marriage work on the same season haven’t quite had the same outcome, but Briana and Vincent convinced viewers that love at first sight really does exist…

So, where are the married couple now and what have they been up to since filming wrapped? Recently, Briana traveled with Vincent to his home town for the first time, living up to being an MAFS total success story.

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Vincent Morales on MAFS, Lifetime on YouTube

Briana and Vincent’s MAFS story

Briana and Vincent first met on their wedding day, so their relationship started pretty differently to most general couples across the globe. However, their blind date seriously paid off, and they went on to fall in love.

From wearing blinds while answering questions about each other, to Vincent buying Briana a bicycle, they had a few issues. He ended up getting upset over Briana being ‘disrespectful’ and bossy at times, but they worked through it.

During their wedding day, they instantly hit it off and agreed they would go cycling together. He even showed just how dedicated he is to Briana by becoming a doting father to her dog, Cookie.

On the note of family, he made it known to Briana that he wanted children. However, she admitted she is afraid of childbirth and wasn’t so sure about starting a family of their own. Despite the odds, their love conquered all!

She recently visited his hometown

Vincent took Briana to his hometown recently, where they were all smiles while tasting the area’s local alcohol. During their trip to Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, he was over the moon to show his wife around, and wrote:

Man, this was the trip of a lifetime. My baby finally got to see my roots!

The pair were so happy with the trip that they made a YouTube video of the entire holiday. So if you’re missing your scoop on Briana and Vincent from season 12, then don’t worry, they’re regularly sharing their travels online.

Dinner dates, shisha, palm tree-surrounded walks and getting a sense of Vincent’s culture growing up was the main focus of their trip. Briana also mentioned that her husband was right about learning Spanish being easier there.

The Lifetime pair are happier than ever

Briana and Vincent have been just as in love since filming wrapped as they were during MAFS. Of course, they had some hurdles to overcome while season 12 was carried out, but it’s all paid off.

They’ve launched a YouTube channel together which already has at least 20K subscribers, moved in together, gone on several date nights in each other’s company and gone on weekend getaways.

Travel appears to be their utmost priority, as well as surrounding themselves with friends. The couple recently met up with fellow stars Amani Aliyya and Woodrow Randall, who are currently expecting a child together.



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