Olivia Cornu admits her and Chris Collette are 'happy' amid dating rumors

Olivia Cornu admits her and Chris Collette are 'happy' amid dating rumors

Chris Collette has now confirmed he is happy and no longer single after his MAFS marriage. Fans are questioning who he finally got his romantic ending with, while placing their bets on his new girlfriend being Olivia Cornu.

He waited at the aisle for a stranger to walk down it, before tying the knot with Alyssa Ellman. Their marriage didn’t go as planned, which included her not wanting to spend time with him and refusing to move into a shared apartment.

Since filming wrapped, and their 12-day marriage was declared over, Chris has left fans over the moon by confirming he is no longer single on social media, which has led to a multitude of guesses on his new beau.

We exclusively spoke to Olivia Cornu to find out what’s really going on between her and Chris. Although she had to stay pretty tight-lipped until after the next MAFS episode, she’s hinted at a romance…

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Screenshot: Alyssa Ellman, Married at First Sight, Season 14 Episode 1, Lifetime

MAFS: Chris and Alyssa’s marriage

Thirty-year-old Alyssa and 35-year-old Chris were matched by experts on MAFS season 14. Episode 6 saw Chris say he thought the wedding was great but then that night Alyssa voiced concerns.

According to Chris, Alyssa said she didn’t think the two were compatible and there were “too many differences“. During their honeymoon, Alyssa didn’t want to share an apartment with Chris.

Things didn’t get any better throughout their on-screen marriage, despite Alyssa insisting she applied for the show with the “purest intentions.” By the finale, the experts urged her to apologise to him.

Chris Collette is dating again

Chris revealed to a fan on Instagram that he is officially no longer single, and is “very happy”. He also shared the news on the show before he was spotted with MAFS co-star Olivia Cornu during the Lifetime show reunion.

Olivia exclusively responded to Reality Titbit after we asked if she and Chris are dating. She replied: “Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to talk until after the episode, but I will say we are both happy!”

Although he hasn’t confirmed the news, and neither him nor Olivia have shared any pictures together, Chris has now moved on to a new partner following his 12-day marriage to Alyssa Ellman.

Nurse practitioner Olivia is no longer with Brett Lindsey, who she married in season 11. She has had multiple questions from fans on Instagram asking whether she’s in a relationship with Chris, but hasn’t responded.

However, let us point to one thing. Considering Chris is based in Holden, Massachusetts, and Olivia is living in New Orleans, there’s a very big distance between them!

Reality Titbit has also contacted Chris for a comment.

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Fans think Chris is dating MAFS’ Olivia

When Chris was spotted with Olivia during the MAFS reunion, fans were ecstatic. The entirety of viewers on Twitter were absolutely loving their pairing, despite not initially being placed together at the start of the season.

“Wait, wait, wait. DID I JUST SEE CHRIS WITH OLIVIA???”, a fan wrote on Twitter. Several fans all over social media were just as shocked, sharing their total surprise while being completely here for the romance.

One viewer reacted: “I know that’s Chris vibing with Olivia!!! #mafs.”

Another wrote: “Did you see that #MAFS preview? Chris from Boston dating Olivia from NOLA? Squeeeee! I ship so hard! #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFSBostonReunion.”



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