Fans of MAFS spotted Andrew's unusually looking ears and are dying to know what's up

Fans of MAFS spotted Andrew's unusually looking ears and are dying to know what's up

Andrew Davis is one of the brand new grooms looking for his dream bride on the new series of Married At First Sight. He has already had two failed marriages and is hoping – as the saying goes – that the third time will be lucky!

The Texan native captivated the audience almost immediately with his dashing looks and flirty personality, but they also couldn’t help but notice something a little different about his ears.

Reality Titbit did some digging and we have all the details.

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Andrew Davis, Married At First Sight. Picture YouTube: Married At First Sight Australia Season 9 Trailer

Andrew suffers from ‘cauliflower ear’

Andrew’s ears look the way they do due to a condition known as cauliflower ears. The personal trainer hasn’t acknowledged or explained why his ears are like this but we can take a pretty good guess.

Cauliflower ear is usually expounded to sports – mainly rugby, and with Andrews hunky physique we wouldn’t put it past him that he may have played in his past.

The condition is brought on from a direct blow to the outer ear. When the blood for the impact then fills that area between the ear it disrupts the conventional blood.

Davis has two ex-wives and a daughter

Before his MAFS debut, Andrew has already been married twice and unfortunately, these weren’t successful.

He moved to Australia with his second wife during their relationship and though they got divorced, they ended up having a baby after.

Andrews daughter is two years old and the couple manages to co-parent successfully. He loves his daughter and has been vocal about wanting to give her some brothers or sisters with ‘The One.’

Here’s what happened during the latest episode of MAFS

After his blind marriage to ‘wife’ Holly Greenstein, he wanted to treat his new Mrs to something special. Andrew ran the couple a romantic bath which holly happily got into too surrounded by rose petals and bubbles.

Holly was pleasantly surprised and had no idea he was about to drop his towel and stand there naked!

“OMG” was Holly’s initial response – understandably – but she then told the producer,

Um…yeah. I’ve definitely seen all Andrew has to offer now.

By the looks of it so far, the couple has gotten off to a great start! Bring on more baths and more bubbly!



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