MAFS' fans call Morgan’s behavior 'toxic' as Binh admits he ‘blames himself’


MAFS' fans call Morgan’s behavior 'toxic' as Binh admits he ‘blames himself’

Despite Dr Pia Holec labeling Binh’s behavior as “vindictive”, fans have defended the engineer. MAFS viewers blasted Married At First Sight‘s Morgan for being “toxic” instead after the Binh drama.

Trouble in paradise continues for Binh and Morgan as the pair open up about their misunderstandings and miscommunications with relationship expert Dr Pia.

Over the last few episodes, fans have watched the couple go from newly-wedded bliss in episode 4 to knocking heads in episode 12. It comes after Binh discussed his marriage with cast mates on numerous occasions.

Their recent therapy session saw Morgan tearfully explain how she’s “been in defense mode”. Although fans have rallied behind Binh, who admitted his tendency to avoid uncomfortable conversations.

MAFS’ Binh admits he’s got a lot of things to work on for Morgan

Screenshot from official Lifetime Youtube channel – Morgan & Binh Tie the Knot! – Married at First Sight (S15, E4) | Lifetime

Morgan and Binh meet face-to-face at Dr Pia’s counselling session after a couple of days apart in the latest episode. The registered nurse breaks down, calling their relationship “a disappointment” after Binh confided in Justin about their marriage issues. First came the miscommunication regarding her occupation, and Alexis revealing Binh’s alleged offensive remarks about Morgan followed.

“He’s really attacked my character this entire time, behind my back primarily, which is the frustrating thing,” she tearfully explained.

“He never has [had my back]. Even if it’s his fault, he’ll say half-truths to make sure people still accept him,” Morgan accused. Adding she feels she has to defend herself in front of others.

After Dr Pia suggests his behavior is “vindictive”, Binh proceeds to admit his fear of heated discussions, drawing similarities between his wife and his tough father’s temperament.

“I just have a lot of things to work on,” the nutritionist said in a confessional, acknowledging he struggles to articulate his words.

“I just want her to be happy, I don’t want to say the wrong things.”

“Binh, stand up and tell your side,” demands MAFS’ fans over Morgan drama

A quick visit to the Twittersphere proves the favor is clearly on Binh’s side, who has “been on an apology tour for weeks.”

Viewers are convinced the 27-year-old nurse is trying to leave the marriage with her “toxic” behavior.
“I don’t understand. The experts see the footage… can someone call out Morgan?!” one user demanded.

That being said, Binh won’t be escaping the drama blame-free.

“The man kept lying to her face though while he was apologizing. Why does everyone forget this??” a fan justified.

Another pointed out that his apologies aren’t as sincere as he believes.

They wrote: “Binh seems emotionally disconnected to the words he’s saying. He doesn’t seem to comprehend what a heartfelt apology is, there’s something missing with him.”

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