MAFS UK fans fume as April breaks down in tears after 'cheating row' with George


MAFS UK fans fume as April breaks down in tears after 'cheating row' with George

Married At First Sight (MAFS) UK fans have been left furious and confused after April was seen reduced to tears in the show – after George claimed she cheated on him after kissing someone else on their honeymoon.

Viewers were in disbelief over her appearing upset and wiping away tears, as they felt George was the victim in the mistake.

It comes after George Roberts himself called out E4’s editing of the scandal. He reminded fans how the programme is edited post-production, and it can change how a situation is perceived.

MAFS UK fans upset over April’s tears after ‘cheating’ row with George

Screenshot from Channel 4 – Married At First Sight UK

The hit dating show has returned to our screens once again with its seventh season.

And within the first week, it was rocked with a major scandal when April Branbury allegedly “cheated” on George after she kissed another woman.

On Wednesday’s episode, George appeared heartbroken by the news after he and the former Miss Great Britain had jet-setted off to Jamaica for their honeymoon.

Viewers saw him confront her on the show, and tensions were rising. April defended the kiss and explained to him it “meant nothing” after George was reduced to tears and told the camera he had been “cheated on”.

He explained: “I woke up this morning numb and cold, we had a lovely evening, I later came back and realised there had been an incident.

“I don’t know if I feel comfortable doing this. It was heartbreaking and a massive kick in the teeth, she’d been intimate with someone else. 

“I’ve been cheated on, f**k sorry, “ George added as he stormed out of the hotel room.

They sit down to talk alter on, and she explains they were “playing dares and stuff” and it was just a “laugh”, when she kissed a woman in the hot tub. April also confirmed to George she hasn’t kissed anyone else and continued to apologise.

It comes as the MAFS UK star called out the show’s editing on Instagram Stories. He wrote: “We all love an edit,” with an eye-rolling emoji, writes The Express.

George warns what will make him go

Screenshot from Channel 4 – Married At First Sight UK

It comes as George warns if April “turns heads again” he’ll walk away.

As the couple continue to face challenges in their marriage and George struggles to get over the ‘cheating’ row, the 40 year-old warned what will make him leave in tense scenes this week.

The dad-of-four told fellow groom Richie: “I was at the bar getting some drinks, I went back to hot tub where we were, and honestly I could have ripped the ring off her finger right then.”

Her later adds: “If her head turns again, I’m gone.”

Therapist Charlene Douglas from the matchmaking panel explained he had been “cheated on in the past” so it may be “really triggering for him”.

Fans are angry over April crying – but still divided over the scandal

Wedding of April and George. Courtesy of Channel 4

During a dinner party on Wednesday’s episode (September 7), April broken down into tears over feeling like George made her look like the “bad guy”.

George went round telling their friends about the incident.

She accused her husband of “throwing me under the bus”, and she felt uneasy on whether she could trust him.

Fans are now divided over the dramatic scenes.

One viewer wrote online: “April you’re a woman in your 30s on your honeymoon. No, you DON’T play truth or dare snogging strangers. Playing little victim”.

But others have come to her defense.

One fan wrote: “I do feel for April here. She thought it was nothing and sorted with George but, even if it wasn’t, she now wonders if everyone thinks she’s an awful person and she’s sort of been ambushed with it again several days later. #MAFSUK”.

A second added: “One kiss with a girl in a hot tub half drunk.. Is that really cheating?”



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