Married at First Sight 2021: Who is Marilyse Corrigan?
Married at First Sight Season 6 | Marilyse Corrigan

Married at First Sight 2021: Who is Marilyse Corrigan?

Married at First Sight UK is almost here and the wedding bells are only a while away for eight couples who meet for the first time at the altar.

Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas will be the trio looking to get the couples all the way through to their happily ever after.

Marilyse is amongst singletons who are hoping to find their match on their wedding day – kind of like going on a blind date, but to your wedding.

Get the lowdown on personal trainer and mum-of-two Marilyse, who Reality Titbit has been getting to know on Instagram.

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Who is Marilyse Corrigan?

Marilyse Corrigan is 37-years-old and works as a personal trainer near Beverley in East Yorkshire.

This Yorkshire lass describes herself as “strong, switched on and very positive”.

She lives a very sporty lifestyle and fitness means everything to her!

The star is ready to settle down, and for someone to be a stepdad to her two children and three dogs, ultimately loving them as much as she does.

Marilyse on Married at First Sight

Talking about her hopes for MAFS, Marilyse said:

I would love to go through the experiment to the very end and still be with the guy. That is what I want to happen and what I expect to happen. I will be a bit disappointed if it doesn’t happen, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Most importantly, Marilyse wants to find her teammate in life with who she can conquer the world. But first, the new man must get the approval of her two sons who are keen for their mum to be with someone, but they are very opinionated on who that someone should be!

Her perfect man would be someone who is strong-minded and strong-willed, and someone who can be her best friend as well as her soulmate. She is also looking for someone who is an old-fashioned manly man who is full of passion and energy otherwise she gets bored.

Marilyse said that the worst thing she could imagine seeing at the end of the aisle would be “an absolute minger”. She also added that she promises to keep whoever she is with feeling young.

Get to know Marilyse on Instagram

Marilyse appears to spend most of her free time hanging out with her children and pets, as well as socialising with friends.

She recently shared a tribute to her late father, who died 21 years ago.

Family time is clearly important to the MAFS star, along with fitness and eating out. Currently, Marilyse has 4.1K followers, but it’s likely that those numbers may go up when she appears on the show!

Anticipating her appearance, she captioned a MAFS promo pic and wrote: “NO turning back now!!!”. We’re wishing her all the best!



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