Married at First Sight 2021: Who is Matt Jameson?

Married at First Sight 2021: Who is Matt Jameson?

Married at First Sight UK is almost here and the wedding bells are only a while away for eight couples who meet for the first time at the altar.

Matt is amongst singletons who are hoping to find their match on their wedding day – kind of like going on a blind date, but to your wedding.

Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas will be the trio looking to get the couples all the way through to their happily ever after.

Get the lowdown on senior charity manager Matt Jameson, who Reality Titbit has been getting to know better on Instagram.

Married at First Sight Season 6 | Matt Jameson

Who is Matt Jameson?

Matthew Jameson is a 39-year-old senior charity manager from West Yorkshire.

This gentle northern soul constantly gives a lot of himself to others and would like someone at the same point in their life to share his time and experiences with.

In 2004, Matt’s dad was diagnoses with prostate cancer, which led him to quit his corporate career in favour of a role in the cancer charity sector.

He is very outgoing and spends his spare time in choir practice as he is a keen singer. Matt has even sang in a Take That tribute band!

Why did Matt sign up for Married at First Sight?

Matt said: “The reason I’ve come onto the show is because I’m really wanting to meet that special person that I can start building a life with and have a family. I’m really excited.”

He has been single for seven months and after a messy break-up has spent this time rediscovering himself, and he is now ready to settle down with the one. Matt is ultimately looking for someone who wants the same things so they can grow old together.

He also admitted that he has had several failed relationships and that he wants to be a dad and start a family with his perfect partner.

Matt is looking for someone that is kind, really intelligent, and his partner must also be passionate and driven.

When asked what the worst thing would be at the end of the aisle, he revealed it would be “somebody who is really arrogant”, as he is looking for someone with “good energy”.

Meet Matt on Instagram

Matt, who has 190 followers, is clearly one for adventure.

On his Instagram page, the MAFS star is often pictured at idyllic spots, from taking in a relaxing orange sunset to going kayaking amongst waves.

Beaches, fields and waterfalls galore, it’s obvious that the E4 contestant is hoping to share his peaceful walks in nature with someone special!

Matt once made a trip to his old school, where they appeared to be flying an LGBTQ+ flag, and showed off some tattoos in another post.

He has a cross on a chain, suggesting he may be religious, and a diamond on the right side of his chest.



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