Married at First Sight UK is almost here and the wedding bells are a short while away for eight couples who will first meet at the altar.

Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas will be the trio looking to get the couples all the way through to their happily ever after.

From his career background, to age and Instagram, Reality Titbit found out all there is to know about the military man ahead of the show.

Married at First Sight Season 6 | Franky Spencer

Who is Franky Spencer?

Franky Spencer is the eldest member of the cast at 47 years old. He works as a strength and conditioning coach and currently lives in sunny Dubai.

Franky joined the British Army in 1990 at the age of 16, and after completing his training, was introduced to a specialised Commando regiment known as 29 Commando RA.

He has been a qualified personal trainer since 1997, which you probably tell from his chiselled physique, and he is the head strength and conditioning coach at TK MMA & Fitness.

He is an old school military man who is a strong and dominant leader that is not afraid to tell people exactly what he thinks.

Having fought for his country for 15 years and lived as an ex-pat for 15 years in Dubai, Franky is looking to find his soulmate who will be happy to join him overseas in Dubai.

Why did Franky sign up for Married at First Sight?

Franky decided to take part in Married at First Sight because he wanted to challenge himself.

He said:

All my life has been about challenges. I don’t like to do the normal. If anything is normal then I find it boring. I’m not captured unless I’m entertained and challenged – and Married At First Sight UK is a bloody big challenge.

Franky really wants to find someone who shares his morals and beliefs.

Five facts about Franky Spencer

  1. Franky has fought in the cage at DFC 1, which gave him a deep insight into training and preparing professional fighters.
  2. He has trained famous World Champion fighters and is a qualified, active Boxing and MMA referee.
  3. Franky has also organized charity events to help raise funds for Autistic children and has conducted various corporate health training, presentations and team-building concepts.
  4. With his experience and knowledge, Franky is the proud inventor and designer of the XRIG, the world’s first one-man portable nine-man training rig.
  5. He built the busiest Bootcamp in his region with 250 attendees a week!



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