Married at First Sight Australia: Are Anthony and Nadia still together?

The Married At First Sight Australia 2017 show is where couples see each other in the flesh for the first time… on their wedding day.

Now being aired on E4 for the first time three years later, Tuesday’s episode saw Nadia Stamp “take a chance on love” – the words she spoke during her vows – with Anthony Manton.

The couple decided to become newlyweds just minutes after first laying eyes on each other. But what are Nadia and Anthony up to now? Are they still together? We’ve done all the research for you – spoiler alert!

Screenshot: Nadia Stamp, Married At First Sight Australia, Series 4 Episode 2

Nadia and Anthony: Married At First Sight Australia

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Nadia is now 38 years old and is the designer of beauty brand DIPD nails. She is also a flight attendant and model.

While 37-year-old Anthony Manton is a racing broadcaster for Sky Racing Au, and is from Sydney, Australia. He focuses on the breeding side of the horse racing industry, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Although Nadia said that initially she “didn’t feel a connection with him”, she then offered him her “heart, hand and love” during their wedding vows.

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During Episode 2, she said: “He was looking at me very intensely. I like that. He could be the man of my dreams.”

When first seeing Nadia, Anthony said: “Wow, that’s her. She’s beautiful.” He later told her: “You’re like a gift and you just keep unwrapping a layer into something more.”

Screenshot: Anthony Manton, Married at First Sight Australia, Series 4 Episode 2

What happened next for Nadia and Anthony?

Despite seeming loved-up on camera, Anthony broke off the marriage 24 hours after filming stopped.

It was revealed when all the show’s couples attended a dinner party two months on from the vow renewal ceremony, and contestants were quizzed on how their relationships were going.

  • UPDATE: Susan and Sean from Marries At First now!

Nadia told “A man that I want to be with does not make a woman cry. Doesn’t make her question who she is as a person.

I’m sorry, I keep my cool, I’m chill, but seriously. No, I don’t want to be with him. I was always pushing for his truth and I got it.

Later in the evening, Anthony swapped seats at the table and apologised to Nadia on camera.

Nadia and Anthony: Where are they now?

While their relationship didn’t continue the way fans wanted, Nadia found a new beau shortly after.

She was first spotted getting off a flight from Fiji and New Zealand in March 2017 with a new man, as reported by, and has been loved up with cricketer Glen Talarico for two years.

It has not been publicized whether Anthony has found a new love – he has 5,690 followers on Instagram but it is set to private. He is regularly seen on Twitter keeping his followers informed on the latest horse racing news.




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