Are Nasser and Gabrielle from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Just when we thought that the summer of 2020 would be a summer without the annual string of dating series, E4 came to save the day.

Following the cancellation of big hits such as Love Island, many reality TV fans were worried that their summers would be devoid of dating content. But E4 has quashed all those fears with the introduction of Married At First Sight Australia into all of our lives.

The Australian dating series first premiered in 2015 and there have been seven seasons to date. This summer, Married At First Sight Australia has come to British screens, raking in tonnes of viewers every weeknight. The fifth season started to air on E4 on Monday, August 10th.

One of the most talked-about couples of Married At First Sight Australia season 5 are Nasser and Gabrielle. But what happened to Nasser and Gabrielle after filming the series? Are they still together?

If you have yet to watch all of this season, be wary, as there are *spoilers* ahead…

Screenshot: Married At First Sight Australia S5 E10 – 4oD

Who are Nasser and Gabrielle?

Nasser Sultan is a 52-year-old fitness instructor from Sydney, New South Wales.


Nasser’s match on Married At First Sight Australia was 46-year-old Gabrielle Bartlett. Gabrielle is also from Sydney and works as a marketing coordinator and plus-size model.

Gabrielle was coming onto the show looking for her “forever guy,” having been single since 2015. She had been previously married and twice engaged, one of these relationships resulted in the birth of her daughter. Gabrielle’s daughter is now 13 years old.

Nasser, on the other hand, had been living the life of a bachelor and wanted to settle down. He had never been married nor did he have kids of his own.

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Nasser and Gabrielle on Married at First Sight Australia

Nasser and Gabrielle had one of the most – if not the most – turbulent relationships on Married At First Sight Australia season 5.

Unlike many of the MAFS couples, these two were incredibly mismatched by the experts and came to blows numerous times. The most dramatic of these blowouts came during the homestays. Nasser had a bizarre meltdown and refused to stay at their rented apartment.

Are Nasser and Gabrielle still together?

If you’ve seen any of the drama between Nasser and Gabrielle on Married At First Sight Australia, then we’re pretty sure you’ll know the direction this couple was headed.

They are no longer together. They didn’t even make it to the final decision!

Nasser and Gabrielle broke off the relationship mid-filming amidst all their differences. In an interview, Nasser said that he thinks the experts deliberately mismatch the couples to create “good TV.” Nasser said: “I get that it makes for good TV… but some of us were there to find love. Everything I asked for in a partner and asked for wasn’t what we got – at all.”

From the looks of Nasser’s Instagram, he is still on the hunt for love. He even went on First Dates Australia this year to find it! On the other hand, Gabrielle looks happily single. You can follow her @gabrielleriver.




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