Where are Sarah and Telv from Married at First Sight Australia now? Updates in 2020

A new season of Married at First Sight Australia came to E4 on Monday, August 10th, welcoming in plenty of new couples.

The fifth series originally aired on Australia’s Nine Network in 2018 but is totally new for MAFS fans in the UK.

Sarah Roza and Telv Williams were one of the season’s most talked-about couples. But where are Sarah and Telv now? We’ve done some digging to find out what happened to one of Married at First Sight Australia’s favourite couples after the filming stopped. Find out what happened to Sarah and Telv here.

And for those who don’t want to know what goes down this season, we should note a *spoiler alert* for Married at First Sight Australia season 5.

Screenshot: Married at First Sight Australia S5 E1 – 4oD

Who are Sarah and Telv?

Sarah Roza, 40, is a beauty specialist from Melbourne, Victoria who was looking for her perfect partner. It was pretty clear from their first meeting – on their wedding day nevertheless – that that partner was Telv.

Telv Williams is a 35-year-old machinery technician from Perth, Western Australia.


In the first episode, Telv said: “I may be a blokey bloke, typical tradie, rough as guts, but I’m here to find love and I can’t wait to see if I do.”

The first episode also saw Sarah open up on her past relationship, explaining her heartbreak prior to MAFS. Sarah thought she had found ‘the One’, however she was abandoned. She also lost her twins during pregnancy. Sarah said: “I’m so fearful of giving my heart again.”

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Sarah and Telv on Married at First Sight Australia

At their first meeting, it looked like all was going to go perfectly for this couple, however, cracks started to show in the relationship. They ended up having numerous arguments throughout the series, including a confusing one about Telv’s overuse of Snapchat, which had viewers scratching their heads.

Despite all the arguing, Sarah and Telv ended up saying “I do” at the end of the experiment. Out of all of the 11 couples on the show, viewers were rooting for Sarah and Telv to succeed.

They did stay in a relationship after Married at First Sight Australia, however not for too long. They parted ways in March 2019. Things then escalated as it emerged they had appeared in court to take out an Apprehended Violence Order, which prevented them from speaking publicly about one another.

Where are Sarah and Telv now?

The couple look like they’re individually living their best lives now.

Telv is in a new relationship with a woman named Katie Beever, and the couple look very happy living together in Perth. Telv is also now a father to three, as a woman he had a fling with last year gave birth to his third child.

Sarah has not found her feet in a relationship but is looking totally happy doing her own thing.

You can follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahjaneroza and Telv @telv_williams.

Screenshot: Married at First Sight Australia S5 E1 – 4oD




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