Are Troy and Ashley still together? Married At First Sight Australia updates

After a largely disappointing series of Celebs Go Virtual Dating, the dating show keeping E4 afloat this autumn is Married At First Sight Australia. 

The fifth season of the hit Australian dating show is currently being aired on the British network, showing weeknights at 7.30 pm.

Quickly, viewers have fallen head over heels for the show, tuning in every night to see how the drama unfolds.

Troy Delmege and Ashley Irvine were definitely one of the season’s most memorable couples. But what happened to Troy and Ashley? We found them on Instagram for updates post-Married At First Sight and where they are now.

If you have yet to see all of Married At First Sight Australia season 5, here is your *spoiler alert*, as we will be revealing details of what goes down on the show.

Screenshot: Married At First Sight Australia S5 E5 – 4oD

Meet Troy and Ashley

Troy Delmege is a 37-year-old IT accounts manager from Sydney. He was matched with 30-year-old flight attendant Ashley Irvine by the MAFS experts. Ashley is from Brisbane, Queensland.

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Before Troy was working in IT, he was on his way to becoming a tennis star. At one point, Troy was ranked top 20 in Australia in the under 14 years of age group, and then also in the under 16 years of age group.

After Ashley saw Troy for the first time – at their wedding – in episode 5, she said:

This has exceeded my hopes. He’s just nice, he’s tall, he’s good looking. So, I mean, the experts nailed it from what I know so far, which is very little of him. But looks wise [he’s great].

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Troy and Ashley on Married At First Sight Australia

Troy and Ashley definitely had one of the most memorable journeys on the show. They clashed, they laughed, and definitely created some of the season’s most disastrous scenes. The dinner party where Ashley cooked for Troy’s celiac mother will go down in Married At First Sight history!

The couple went to Broome, Western Australia for their honeymoon and tried to make things work. But it wasn’t meant to be for Troy and Ashley.

Eventually, the couple decided to part ways.

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Troy and Ashley: Updates in 2020

Despite their split, Troy and Ashley have remained friends. In fact, the two have often met up since filming the show and often post snaps of their reunions to Instagram. Troy and Ashley were most recently snapped catching up in January 2020.

After Troy and Ashley parted ways on the show, Troy found a connection with his MAFS co-star Carly Alman. Photos emerged of Carly and Troy kissing and they confirmed their relationship in March 2018.

Now, it looks like both Troy and Ashley are single. Neither has posted about a relationship with a significant other, but seem totally happy as they are!

To keep up to date with Troy you can follow him @troydelmege. You can also follow Ashley @ashleyairvine.




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