Married at First Sight Australia: Where are Charlene and Patrick now?

Married at First Sight Australia: Where are Charlene and Patrick now?

Married At First Sight is a popular Australian TV show that follows four Australian couples in an “experiment” currently airing in the UK on Channel 4.

The ‘couples’ meet for the first time at the wedding ceremony and work backward from there.  The newlyweds have to get to know each other while they’ve whisked away on a honeymoon, meet the in-laws and set up a home.

Literally, it’s as exhausting and bizarre as it sounds!

Charlene and Patrick were the solid fan-favourites of this season, but where are they now?

Charlene and Patrick from Married At First Sight attends the Channel 9 Charity Oscars at Glass Restaurant, The Hilton, on March 5, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by El Pics/Getty Images)

Married At First Sight Australia: Season 5

Season 5 brought us eleven new couples and, among them, we were introduced to Charlene Perera and Patrick Miller. It seemed like the “experts” had finally done their job right as the couple clicked immediately and proceeded to show us what a real-life fairytale looked like. They went all the way on the show, renewing their wedding vows before deciding to stay together.

However, we should all know by now that fairy tales are not real and that we shouldn’t be shocked when we don’t get a happy ending – just look at Love Island!

With Charlene and Patrick’s story, things took a turn for the worst when it was reported that Patrick has allegedly ghosted Charlene once the filming of the show had finished.

This obviously came as a shock to MAFS fans but perhaps we got too caught up on the love story and missed important cracks within the very fresh marriage, such as Charlene needing the ‘laid-back’ Patrick to – and we quote – “be a man”.

Cracks people, that we all missed.

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Where are Charlene and Patrick now?

We’re sorry to disappoint, but things did not work out for Charlene and Patrick.

Since leaving the show, Charlene opened up about the real reason as to why the couple called it quits:

We were at very different stages.

There was a rumour that they had got back together after they were seen together after the shows, but Patrick soon clarified that they are just friends who were catching up:

I haven’t caught up with Charlene for a bit, but it is just like seeing an old mate, it felt normal.

Old mate? Ouch, our hearts.

Charlene and Patrick’s individual lives after the show

When it comes to Patrick, it is not known is he is seeing someone or in a relationship. What we do know, is that the former operations manager made a little cameo in an X-Rated music video for an Australian artist that made headlines.

Charlene, on the other hand, was rumoured to be dating co-star Mathew Lockett after a photo of them together floating around the internet but it was never confirmed. She then started dating a new man: a Melbourne man named Marcus Tonti, but the pair broke up in 2019.

However, Marlene recently graduated from Melbourne Business School with an MBA – so yay, you get’em, girl!




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