Married At First Sight fans ‘feel bad’ over Justin and Alexis’ ‘dog situation’


Married At First Sight fans ‘feel bad’ over Justin and Alexis’ ‘dog situation’

Married At First Sight fans are somewhat divided over Justin and Alexis’ dog situation. It comes after Justin’s pooch bites her pet, and it’s led to viewers expressing how they feel online.

On the recent episode of Married At First Sight, the pair returned from their honeymoon. They moved into a small apartment set up by the TV bosses to start their new married life.

Alexis admitted how much her dog means to her by referring to the pup as her child. Justin was excited about the idea of the family being full of pets – two dogs and a cat, as well.

However, the first introduction of the animal children didn’t exactly go as planned.

Justin and Alexis’ ruff dog meeting

Justin’s dog bit Alexis’ pooch in the eye and he tried to move on from the awkward situation by brushing it off.

However, Alexis was upset after seeing her pup’s eye bleeding and angrily travelled to the vet without him. Her little one wore a cone for a week after the mishap.

Fans of the show have now weighed in on the scenario and feel it could have been avoided in hindsight.

One fan penned on Twitter: “Poor doggy. They definitely should’ve looked up how to introduce dogs to each other and as soon as one started growling they should’ve separated them.”

Other viewers, however, aired different views.

What’s next in store for MAFS?

Screenshot from Justin REACTS to His First Kiss With Alexis – MAFS: Afterparty (Ep. 1) | Lifetime Official YouTube channel

After the incident, Justin took his pet Maya to a training camp for her aggression. He told Alexis he would give up the pooch if she couldn’t change, but he has had her since she was just five weeks old.

Alexis then said she was afraid Maya may bite her as well and didn’t feel safe with the pup. Viewers will have to find out if the training helps little Maya.

It comes after there was an awkward interaction between Krysten and Mitch. Krysten explained to the other women Mitch admitted he didn’t feel an attraction. The star denied being physical with him but still wanted to work on her marriage.

Whereas, things have heated up for Miguel and Lindy who were the first couple to be intimate. Lindy confirmed it wasn’t done after feeling pressure, but that it was natural. But, it wasn’t all fairytale endings as Miguel suggested he might not be able to see past the eight-week mark as he would see how it worked out afterwards. This angered Lindy, who didn’t want to start to fall for someone who might not be invested in the relationship.



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