Married At First Sight: EVERYONE wants to date Richard after his divorce

Married At First Sight: EVERYONE wants to date Richard after his divorce

Following the final episode of Married At First Sight, audiences have jumped on recently single Richard, queuing up to take his hand in marriage.

The Channel 4 series followed Richard as he put his faith in science and agreed to marry a complete stranger, should the show find him a match.

Blonde-haired and blue-eyed Harriet was the chosen one, meeting Rich down the aisle as the pair completed their wedding vows just 30 seconds into their first ever conversation.

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, C4: Harriet and Richard

However, following their honeymoon and moving in together for five weeks, the pair decided not to continue their marriage as a lack of chemistry failed to ignite a romantic spark.

That is only good news for fans on Twitter, though, with everybody wanting a slice of the Lego enthusiast.

Police sergeant Richard had captured the hearts of a nation over the four-episode series, mainly because of his undying love for dog Merlin, who he practised his first dance with.

You may want to start picking out your wedding dress after seeing this . . .

Screen Shot: Richard and his spaniel Merlin – Married At First Sight, C4

Screen Shot: Rich sways side to side practising his first dance – Married At First Sight, C4

Harriet wasn’t a fan of his dog though and wasn’t really a fan of Richard in general.

Poor bloke.

Screen Shot: Lego enthusiast Richard – Married At First Sight

In the final episode we witnessed horrendously awkward silences between the couple.

Richard attempted to soothe bubbling tension with expressions about how he “doesn’t really like avocados”. Rich received no reply from his wife.

Rich continued with “I just find them quite dull” to which Harriet again gave no answer.

What an engaging dinner conversation.

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4

Throughout episode four the pair sat around their living room in morbid silence with confessions to camera admitting that they had moved to separate bedrooms because of a lack of chemistry.

A week of “date nights” looked to have picked things up, although all the footage really did was to rally social media with more people calling for a date with Richard.

Rich cooked Hazza her favourite meal, took her ice skating and bought her little woolly gloves for the occasion yet, in the end, Harriet couldn’t continue the marriage.

Both teary-eyed, Richard expressed to the camera how he felt “deflated” and was agonisingly upset that he was unable to “make his wife feel that way” when it came to love and happiness.

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4

Screen Shot: Married At First Sight, C4

The pair went their separate ways, although Rich only needs to briefly scour the internet to find himself a date.

Who knows, maybe even a wife.

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