Married At First Sight: Australia is returning for season 9 this week after 8 successful seasons so far and fans cant wait. MAFS has become one of the most popular dating shows on TV with its rollercoaster ride of drama, tears, joy and some explosive feuds and we cant wait to see what this season has in store for us.

Let’s get to know the new cast of singles who plan on getting married at first sight in 2022’s brand new season.

jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy | Act 2 Teaser | Netflix

jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy | Act 2 Teaser | Netflix

The ladies

Tamara Djordjevic

Tamara is a 29-year-old operations manager from Queensland. Tamara says she has high expectations from a partner and being a strong, independent woman, says she is tired of “carrying” her man.

Selina Chhar

Selina is a 32-year-old hairstylist who has been on dating shows before. Selina was featured on The Proposal and had a brief relationship with a former Love Island Australia contestant. Aaron Shaw.

Selina says he wants to “prove her parents wrong” and find the love of her life.

Selin Mengu

Selin is an executive assistant and model from New South Wales and is also a single mother to her three-year-old son.

Selin wants someone who is honest and trustworthy and who wants to take care of not only her but her son as well.

Samantha Moitizi

Samantha is a 26-year0old fashion brand manager who has struggled to get over her previous four-year-long relationship. Sam says she is now ready to find someone new and wants it to be a “fresh start.”

Olivia Frazer

Olivia is a teaching assistant from New South Wales and says she has always dated the wrong men and wants to try and break that cycle.

Olivia took a break from dating for a while in order to look after her terminally ill dad and says she now enjoys spending her evenings watching movies and knitting.

Holly Greenstein

Holly is a 36-year-old cinema manager who says she is eager for a baby as she is concerned that her biological clock is ticking away.

Holly was a step mum in her previous relationship but was forced to end the relationship when her partner announced he didn’t want any more kids.

Ella Ding

Ella is a beautician from Melbourne and is known for being friends with previous MAFS Australia stars Sam Carraro and Micheal Brunelli.

Ella says she wants a strong sexual connection to her partner as she believes it to be a healthy part of a relationship.

Domenica Calarco

Domenica is a 28-year-old Italian makeup artist and describes herself as feisty and passionate.

Domenica was previously married, and though she and her partner were together for four years, the marriage only lastest two months. Domenica said the divorce left her feeling like a failure.

The Gents

Mitchell Naud

Mitchell is a 26-year-old financial planner and part-time model from Queensland. Mitch has never had a relationship before and has never spent more than two consecutive nights with a woman.

Mitchell says he is bored of online dating and is ready for something real.

Jackson Lonie

Jackson is a plumber from Victoria and says he has a deep respect for women after seeing his mother abused by his stepfathers in the part.

Jackson is one of five and is the oldest out of his siblings therefore is very protective of them and wants a committed relationship with a woman.

Jack Millar

Jack is a financial planner and DJ and says he is used to playing the role of “peacemaker” as he gets on with everyone.

Jack says he wants to find a woman with the same passion for music and adventuring with his beloved dog.

Cody Bromley

Cody is a 30-year-old swim coach from New South Wales who spent his 20’s travelling the world and says he is now ready to settle down.

He wants to find his partner in crime and someone he can spend afternoons at the beach with.

Brent Vitiello

Brent is a 33-year-old hospitality manager who has recently moved back to Australia after spending seven years in Dubai.

He is now back to build a life in his home country and has described himself as confident and charismatic.

Anthony Cincotta

Anthony is a 38-year-old salesman who is also a professional wrestler going by the same Tommy Hellfire. Tommy said he wants to find the one after always ending up with the “wrong woman.”

Andrew Davis

Andrew is a 39-year-old motivational speaker originally from Texas. Andrew moved to Australia four years ago with his second wife. The couple is now divorced and shares a two-year-old daughter together.

Andrew has had two failed marriages and says he hopes the saying is true that the third time is a charm.

Al Perkins

Al is a carpenter from New South Wales and still lives with his parents. Al is completely new to this and is diving in at the deep end as he has never had a relationship due to his fear of rejection.



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