Vinny and Briana expecting baby a year after MAFS debate over children

Vinny and Briana expecting baby a year after MAFS debate over children

We saw Vincent Morales and Briana Myles successfully put a ring on it and quickly hit it off on Married at First Sight. Fast-forward to a year later and the happy couple are expecting their first child together.

The Atlanta-based season in 2021 had a small success rate, and that’s because Vinny and Briana are the only couple to remain together since the show aired. They quickly became fan favorites for their undeniable connection.

Now, the pair have debuted Briana’s baby bump and wrote: “The Sweetest Love 🤎 We can’t wait to meet you little one!” The announcement hit Instagram on July 20th, marking just over a year since they tied the knot on-screen.

Vinny and Briana announce pregnancy

Vinny and Briana took to Instagram on July 20th to share a photo of both of them holding her baby bump. She is seen smiling at her husband while he looks down at her stomach, with a background full of colourful flowers.

Neither of them have revealed a gender or due date at the time of writing, but said they “can’t wait to meet you little one” in the post, which has garnered 77K likes in just 13 hours since the upload!

Their announcement comes a year since their wedding aired on MAFS season 12, when they literally met at the altar and put a ring on it. Straight away, he was warned that she is bossy, while Vinny said he’d take care of business first.

The only couple to remain together since the Atlanta-based season, they have since been making YouTube videos which shows them having fun and even travelling to each other’s hometowns to meet family members.

Their MAFS season 12 journey

Vinny and Briana’s journey didn’t come without differences, such as their previous inability to agree on the topic of children. Since the moment they met on their wedding day, they instantly hit it off.

From wearing blinds while answering questions about each other, to Vincent buying Briana a bicycle, they had a few issues. He ended up getting upset over Briana being ‘disrespectful’ and bossy at times, but they worked through it.

During their wedding day, the pair agreed they would go cycling together. He even showed just how dedicated he is to Briana by becoming a doting father to her dog, Cookie.

On the note of family, he made it known to Briana that he wanted children. However, she admitted she is afraid of childbirth and wasn’t so sure about starting a family of their own. Despite the odds, their love conquered all!

Fans overjoyed with baby news

When Briana and Vinny announced they are expecting, fans everywhere were overjoyed. One Twitter user said the reveal is “great news” before adding: “This is why we watch the show. We’re rooting for the couples to flourish.”

They added: “Not watching for made-for-tv-dramatics #mafs.”

Many commented on their Instagram post, including: “My little heart can’t take it. What a beautiful blessing.”

Co-star Jacob Harder made a jokey comment and said: “Congrats! Some good came out of our season.”

A fan penned: “Y’all, I’m so excited. I’m over here crying like I know y’all. I remember how scared you were bc of your health. Congrats to you both on this beautiful blessing. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and birth of that sweet baby!”


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