Who is Luke Dawson? Meet the Married at First Sight star on Instagram!
Screenshot: Luke, The GROOMS Are Revealed! | Married At First Sight UK, E4 YouTube

Who is Luke Dawson? Meet the Married at First Sight star on Instagram!

Luke is amongst several singletons hoping to find their match on their wedding day – by meeting on E4’s Married at First Sight.

The daring ceremonial show is almost here, and wedding bells are only a short while away for eight couples who will meet face-to-face at the altar.

Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas will be the trio looking to get the couples all the way through to their happily ever after.

Ahead of the launch of MAFS 2021, Reality Titbit explored all there is to know about Luke’s age, Instagram and background. Profile loading…

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Married at First Sight Season 6 | Luke Dawson

Who is Luke Dawson?

Luke is 36 years old and lives in Cardiff, where he works as the manager of a children’s home. He is also an on-call firefighter.

He describes himself as “honest, hardworking, loyal, and a good guy”.

He is definitely a big family man who values both his family and friends, sharing this heartfelt post on Instagram. The caption reads:

“Always choose wisely who you have in your life. I’m very fortunate to have people in mine who I can call extended family and not just my friends.

“I’m not very good at sharing my feelings on times. I couldn’t even fit all of them here, you know who you are though.”

Why Luke signed up for MAFS

Luke said: “I already have more in common with this person than I would do meeting them on dating apps or in the pub. Because they’ve done the same thing, they must be in a similar circumstance to me.”

He has spent the last year healing from the pain of his most recent breakup and is now ready to meet the love of his life. Luke candidly said that his last relationship crushed his confidence and broke his heart and he has spent the last year rebuilding and rediscovering himself.

Luke is looking for his wife and soulmate and most importantly someone who will love him for who he is!

He said the worst thing he could see when his partner was walking down the aisle would be if she was smoking a cigarette with massive curly hair!

He has the whole package- a respectable job, the house, he’s a perfect gentleman as well as being a certified firefighter- what’s not to love!

However, he did admit that if there was one reason not to marry him it would be because he can be very picky and choosy in who he invests his time with.

Meet Luke (and his dog) on Instagram

Most of his Instagram feed is filled with pictures of him and Alfie – cute!

He recently revealed he is “feeling positive about the journey ahead”, suggesting he is making the most of his Married at First Sight journey.

When he’s not busy hanging out with friends and family, Luke enjoys a beer or two while relaxing with Alfie.

Luke also gives an insight into his firefighting job, and hits the gym when he’s got some spare time.

In June 2021, he shared a transformation post where it appears he has lost a lot of weight, and has been focusing on getting fitter ever since.



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