Meet Celeste Beard-Johnson – the billionaire murderer from C4’s Women Who Kill

Meet Celeste Beard-Johnson - the billionaire murderer from C4's Women Who Kill

Channel 4’s Women Who Kill documentary mini-series returns for its second episode.

Episode 2 (Monday, April 1st) will have a particular focus on ‘black widow’ killers – women who murder for money.

The most notorious of these cases is that of Celeste Beard-Johnson.

Here’s everything you should know about Celeste’s crimes.

Celeste Beard-Johnson

Who is Celeste Beard-Johnson?

Celeste Beard-Johnson is a 56-year-old originally from Santa Barbara, California.

Celeste had a troubled childhood, after not knowing her birth parents and speaking of an abusive relationship with her adoptive parents.

She had twin daughters at the age of just 17, with her first husband and then went on to marry a second time before her now infamous marriage to Steven Beard.

Who was her third husband, Steven Beard?

Steven Beard was a hotshot TV exec for Fox and a self-made millionaire.

They met at a country club in Texas where Celeste worked as a waitress and began a secret love affair – he was twice her age at the time!

On October 2, 1999, Steven was shot with a shotgun in the stomach while he was asleep at home.

Despite miraculously surviving the initial shot, he died of a blood clot in hospital on January 22nd, 2000.

Steven and Celeste Beard.

Is Celeste still in prison?


Celeste is still serving out her life-sentence at Mountain View Unit in a Texas high-security prison.

The case against her seems air-tight and she is not eligible for parole until 2042!

Where can I watch Women Who Kill?

The first episode aired on Monday, March 25th and is now available to catch up on Channel 4’s streaming service, 4oD.

The second episode will air tonight (Monday, April 1st) on Channel 4 from 10 pm – 11 pm.

Both episodes will be exclusively on 4oD to watch after they have broadcast.


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