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Meet Jordy Chandler, the man who kick-started Leaving Neverland - but why wasn't he in the doco?

In light of the recent HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, many have started to wonder about the whereabouts of Micheal Jackson’s past accusers.

The new documentary focuses on the allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck. However, the two men were not the first to file child abuse charges against the pop star.

Read below to find out details on Micheals’s first accuser, Jordy Chandler…

Micheal Jackson

What happened between Micheal Jackson and Jordy Chandler?

Jordy and Micheal became friends in 1992 when Jordy was 12.

Reports claimed that Jordy and his step-sister and brother would often visit Neverland – Micheal’s home in California.

In 1993, Jordy’s dad Evan Chandler became suspicious of the relationship after Micheal stayed in a room with the children at the Monaco World Music Awards.

The LA police then launched an inquiry and went to Micheal’s home with a strip-search warrant after Jordy gave the police a description of the singer’s genitalia.

Michael Jackson DISNEYLAND 1988. James Safechuck

No criminal evidence was found at the Neverland ranch and reports are conflicted on whether the description given by Jordy was accurate.

After this, the Chandler family personally sued Micheal in a $30million lawsuit that accused him of sexual battery. In 1994 the case was settled outside of court for $23million.

The district attorneys said the trial had failed to produce evidence and when Jordy refused to testify against the singer they said they could not file criminal charges without his cooperation.

Jordy’s father committed suicide four months after Micheal Jackson died.

Michael Jackson in 1994.

Why didn’t Jordy Chandler appear in Leaving Neverland?

The director of the documentary, Dan Reed, said he tried to contact Jordy while making the two-part film but was not successful.

Dan told the Business Insider he would like to make a follow-up to Leaving Neverland if he could speak to Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo.

Both Jordy and Gavin accused Michael of child sexual abuse while he was still alive.

Dan Reed, Director of “Leaving Neverland”

Where is Jordy Chandler now?

As it stands, the actual whereabouts of Jordy and his family are unknown.

He is said to have disappeared from public life after the settlement was reached and has rarely been seen since.

However, he was spotted by the press in 2005 when he was on a skiing holiday in California, with his brother and sister.

There are some reports that say Jordy was given a new identity due to the settlement and now lives as an adult in New York City.

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