Meet Maeva D’Ascanio - Made in Chelsea's new fave and Miles Nazaire's ex-girlfriend!
Instagram: @maevadascanio

Meet Maeva D’Ascanio - Made in Chelsea's new fave and Miles Nazaire's ex-girlfriend!

Made in Chelsea is back for another season and eight newbies have joined the gang in SW3.

With the departure of the likes of Sam Thompson and sister Louise, fans of the long-standing E4 series need a character to step into the spotlight with authority.

Meet stunning brunette bossman Maeva D’Ascanio!

What is Maeva D’Ascanio’s job?

According to Maeva’s Instagram bio, she’s a brand ambassador for Kings Jewels London – a luxury bespoke jewellery brand that launched in March 2019.

Her own exclusive range of jewellery is due to come out in the summer of 2019.

She also uses her Instagram profile to promote brands such as Glam Shack UK.

Maeva D’Ascanio on Instagram

Brunette beauty Maeva has over 4,000 followers on Instagram.

She also has a Twitter account, however, it doesn’t look like Maeva uses it.

Maeva enjoys a good selfie on Insta and often posts photos of herself chilling out around the globe looking immaculate.

How old is Maeva?

The stunning new addition to Made in Chelsea doesn’t look to post much on social media so you’d guess that her age is similar to that of her co-stars Amelia Mist, Miles Nazaire and Rosi Mae Waldon.

However, despite her youthful looks, Maeva is a little older. She’s 27 years old.

Is Maeva D’Ascanio single?

Maeva dated Made in Chelsea lothario Miles Nazire for three years.

Now she’s making an appearance on the show, much to Miles’ delight, we’re sure.

Maeva captioned her cast photo with the following: “I tell you, mister, if there’s anything good about being a hot-tempered b**ch, it’s knowing right well what buttons to push in others seeing as they’re the same ones what get your own backup – Calamity Jane”

So we’re sure there’s going to be some drama coming up in series 24 as the pair reunite.

As it stands it looks like Maeva is single but perhaps there’s unfinished business with Mr Nazaire.

Where is Maeva from?

Maeva was born in Paris and from her Instagram, it looks like she’s an only child.

Maeva has been described as Miles’ “feisty French ex-girlfriend”, so it looks like the fun’s over for Miles.

Now she’s moved to London and is “laying down some rules about their on-off relationship”.



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