Meet the Bone Detectives presenters: Channel 4’s Tori Herridge, Raksha Dave and Carla Valentine!

Forensic mysteries have captured the interest of TV viewers increasingly over the past decade. From murder cases to unsolved mysteries, there’s something about the nature of these shows that continually fascinates audiences.

And now there’s a new Channel 4 series coming to our screens from Saturday, January 11th which totally fits the bill!

Bone Detectives: Britain’s Buried Secrets follows a team of scientists as they piece together the lives behind unearthed bones and find out their stories. Each episode will focus on a variety of cases and solve each as a different mystery.

So, let’s get to know the three lead presenters on Bone Detectives better here.

Presenter Tori Herridge, paleobiologist

Meet the Bone Detectives presenters

To uncover the mysteries in each episode, Channel 4 have roped in three top experts in their respective fields.

Here are the presenters…

  • Tori Herridge – paleobiologist
  • Carla Valentine – mortuary technician
  • Raksha Dave – archeologist

Get to know them better – Tori Herridge

Victoria “Tori” Herridge is the lead presenter on the show.

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Tori is a 40-year-old palaeontologist and mammoth expert, who when she’s not presenting on the telly, can be found working at the Natural History Museum in London. Tori also is one of the founders of TrowelBlazers, which celebrates women in the field of archaeology, palaeontology and geology.

She has previously presented other Channel 4 series, such as Walking Through Time and Britain at Low Tide.

Follow Tori on Twitter for her latest @ToriHerridge.

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Carla Valentine

If there’s someone on the team who knows most about – and has had most contact with – the dead, it’s Carla Valentine.

After studying forensics at university, Carla went on to assist pathologists with post-mortems for years, before becoming the Technical Curator of the world’s most famous pathology museum. Carla is a qualified Anatomical Pathology Technologist (Mortuary Technician or ‘Mortician’), so will know all about handling those skeletal remains.

She also is an author. You can find out more about Carla and her written works on her website.

Carla is already a star off-screen and has a following of over 27,000 on Instagram. Check her out on Instagram @carlavalentineuk.

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Raksha Dave

Raksha Dave is a field archaeologist, public archaeologist and presenter.

Four months after graduating from the UCL Institute of Archaeology in 1999, Raksha quickly landed herself a job in the industry. She started out as a commercial field archaeologist for the Museum of London Archaeology Service – as it was known at that point.

In 2003 she landed her first job as a senior archaeologist and TV presenter on Channel 4’s Time Team. Raksha held this role for the next decade until the series ended. She has also worked on BBC Learning Zone’s special, Ancient Voices and Digging for Britain.

Check out Raksha on Twitter @Raksha_Digs.




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