Danielle and Daniella were introduced on the September 23rd 2022 episode of Gogglebox. The bestie duo were welcomed by fans almost instantly. Let’s get to know the new sofa pair appearing on Channel 4 every Friday.

Gogglebox sees a range of different couples and families react to the latest TV series and films. So, yep, we’re watching people watch TV on our own television screens, with Danielle and Daniella bringing a new addition to the line-up.

So, who are they and how did fans react to the new pairing? They were already in fits of laughter during their TV debut, boasting bold patterns such as Daniella in a leopard-print co-ord and Danielle in a tartan green dress.

Meet Danielle and Daniella

From Leeds, Danielle and Daniella are best friends who seem closer than ever. During their TV debut, Danielle revealed she went to hot yoga that day, but jokily said that Daniella would not have been able to handle its seriousness.

They were both introduced on the September 23rd episode of Gogglebox season 20. Daniella gave viewers an insight into her childhood, and recalled how she would be sent out of classes without even doing anything.

Many already think they are a great replacement for former stars Sandra and Sandy. The pair are clearly both into vibrant colours, with the home decor in the background boasting bright patterns, as well as their debut outfits!

Gogglebox duo are a ‘brilliant addition’

When Danielle and Daniella were introduced to the Gogglebox show, many were instantly happy about the addition. Others are hoping they warm to them more as they get to know them during more episodes.

One viewer wrote: “Danielle and Daniella: Brilliant addition to the show #Gogglebox.”

Another penned on Twitter: “Fantastic addition to a great show! Welcome ladies!”

Some social media users who don’t usually watch Gogglebox were drawn to start watching the show after Channel 4’s Gogglebox Twitter account introduced the pair. “Does this mean I have to start watching Gogglebox?”, asked a fan.

They added: “I already know it’s going to be hilarious and loud.”

The newbies’ TV reactions

Danielle and Daniella made for an entertaining pair during their TV debut. While Danielle said, “Don’t put your face in the nude” while reacting to drama Sister Act, Daniella later cooed over Frozen Planet II.

“It just makes you all gooey, doesn’t it”, Danielle said to her best friend on the sofa, while they linked arms. The two are the second duo to join the Gogglebox cast as full-time members, behind sisters Ellie and Izzi.

It was also described as a “godsend” that Daniella didn’t attend yoga alongside Danielle that morning, who admitted she “wouldn’t have lasted a minute” if they could not laugh during the sport.



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