Meet the cast of Tattoo Fixers Extreme - featuring brothers Pash and Uzzi

Tattoo Fixers: Extreme relaunched on Wednesday, January 15th 2020 for another fabulous season.

The series will pick up from where we left off, with receptionist Paisley Billings leading the way and brothers Pash and Uzzi fixing up the tats following the departure of Jay Hutton and Glen Carloss in 2017.

Let’s get to know Pash and Uzzi a little better…

Extreme Tattoo Fixers Series 5

Who is who?

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Below is Pash.

Extreme Tattoo Fixers Series 5

And this is Uzzi:

Extreme Tattoo Fixers Series 5

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How old are Pash and Uzzi?

Pash is the older of the two brothers at 31 years old, while Uzzi is four years his junior at 27.

Uzzi used to serve as Pash’s apprentice and was apparently the worst apprentice Pash had ever had. Let’s hope his tattooing skills are better than his work as an apprentice, then.

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Where are Pash and Uzzi from?

Pash and Uzzi are from Plymouth. They’ve lived there since they were eight and three years old, respectively.

Their tattoo shop is also in Plymouth!

How long have they been tattoo artists?

They’ve been tattoo artists for a fairly long time.

Pash is the more experienced of the two, with 14 years as a tattoo artist under his belt. Uzzi, on the other hand, has been an artist for just half that amount – seven years.

Their shop is called the White Room Tattoo and is located in Plymouth!

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What type of tattoos do Pash and Uzzi do?

They both specialize in realism. So expect some amazing cover-ups with some very lifelike work. Perhaps another Ian Beale portrait? Let’s hope so.

Apparently, the two artists’ work can’t be told apart. One of them could start a tattoo and the other could finish and no one would know the difference. Are we gonna get that in this series?

Which one is known as ‘the Vegetarian Butcher?’ And what the hell does that mean?

Pash calls himself the vegetarian butcher because he is a tattoo artist with only one very small tattoo. You get why vegetarian butcher is an apt phrase, then.

The singular tattoo he has is a small ‘FF’ on his ankle, which stands for family first.

Pash has got to be the first tattoo artist we’ve ever heard of with only one tattoo.





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