Channel 4 is back with a brand new boundary-pushing documentary surrounding the lives of sex shop workers.

Called A Very British Sex Shop, the programme will chronicle the daily life of a family who owns a string of sex shops on the UK coast.

So, want to find out more about the show and meet the stars on Instagram? Keep reading…

A Very British Sex Shop on Channel 4

What is A Very British Sex Shop about?

Channel 4‘s A Very British Sex Shop aims to give viewers an in-depth look into the adult shop industry.

The documentary will follow a UK family who has run Brighton sex shops Taboo and Lust for over two decades.

The show aims to explore the family dynamics of sex shop owners while giving audiences a unique insight into the sex lives of the UK population.

Who stars in A Very British Sex Shop?

The one-off documentary surrounds businessman Tim Richarson and his family in Brighton.

The father of two works in the sex shop industry alongside his wife Calandra, his ex-wife Nancy and their two children Kizzy and Taz, whom he hopes will one day take over the family’s erotic empire.

So want to meet the cast? Check out their profiles below…

Tim Richardson

At the head of the family is Tim, who you can follow at @BrightonTim on Instagram.

He runs three award-winning sex shops in Brighton and has even created a sex-positive social media platform called LoveGivr.

Check out his Instagram below for pics of his average working day…

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Kizzy Richardson

You can follow 19-year-old Kizzy Richardson on Instagram at @kizzy.richardson where she has 5.2k followers.

Since finishing high school in Brighton, she now seems to pretty much spend her life travelling and partying, as well as looking after her super cute french bulldog, Reuben.

Sadly, her profile has been made private since the show was announced, so you will have to send a request to view her posts.

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Merry Christmas ya filthy animal

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Taz Richarson

You can follow Taz on Instagram at @lors0n where he goes by his full name Taylor Richardson.

From the looks of things, Taz graduated from Bristol University in November 2018 and is now back in Brighton.

When he’s not appearing alongside his family on A Very British Sex Shop, he’s working for talent agency Elite Music Management as well as running his own record label Only Ruins.

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Jessica Everitt

Although not technically part of the Richardson clan, Jessica is definitely part of the family having worked at Lust for a number of years.

Speaking about the involvement in A Very British Sex Shop on Instagram she said: “Feeling v sick/excited/worried about how pervy I’m going to come across!”.

You can follow her on Instagram at @everittjessica where she has 500 followers.


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