When it comes to cookery competitions, there are rarely any out there that push the boat far out.

Yes, MasterChef: The Professionals does feature some mind-blowing culinary skill, but on the whole, the types of cookery showed in these televised contests is on the classic or ‘safe’ side.

That’s where Crazy Delicious comes in. 

The brand new cooking competition – made by Channel 4 in collaboration with Netflix – sees cooks compete in a series of mind-boggling challenges, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. They then will be judged by three of the world’s most imaginative and rule-breaking chefs.

So, who are the cooks and chefs taking on the first season of Crazy Delicious?

Carla Hall, Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Ekstedt

Meet the ‘Food Gods’

Firstly, we have Heston Blumenthal. Arguably one of Britain’s – if not the world’s most famous chefs ever, the 53-year-old chef is known for breaking the boundaries of what is thought possible when it comes to cooking. Heston is definitely a solid choice for Crazy Delicious.

Then, we have Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt. Niklas, 41, is experimental in his approach to cooking. He is best known for his skills cooking over an open fire!

Finally there’s Carla Hall. She is a 55-year-old chef originally from Nashville, Tennessee who has worked as a TV chef. Carla was a co-host on The Chew, a talk show on ABC which looked at food from all angles, as well as being a featured chef on Sugar Rush and Top Chef.

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Meet the Crazy Delicious cast

There are 18 chefs and home cooks participating in the first season of Crazy Delicious. Each is already incredibly experienced in their field, so we’re sure they’ll be fantastic on the show.

Here are all of the chefs…

  • Lara
  • Tony
  • Mark
  • Bethie
  • Tiff
  • Hardeep
  • Romy
  • Gabi
Gabi Margiotta
  • Elainea
  • Adam
  • Hannah
  • Chris
  • Han
  • Lynn
  • Harry
  • Samira
  • Lily
  • J-B
Adam and Hardeep

Meet the cast on Instagram

It’s not surprising that all of the chefs already have mega Instagram followings and established reputations in the online culinary community. We’re sure this will rocket again after they appear in Crazy Delicious.

So, let’s get to know the cast a bit better…


Hardeep Panesar is an experimental baker from London, who plays around with dehydrated fruit.

Check out his amazing bakes on Insta @londonbakerboy.


Hannah Thomas is a sustainable chef who runs supper clubs and workshops in London and Salisbury.

Her herby, foraged cooking has already gained Hannah some fans. Join her Instagram following @herbsandwild.

Lara Scott

Lara Scott is a 25-year-old Patisserie Science Graduate from Birmingham. Her special area is creating edible art, so we’re sure this contest will be a breeze!

Follow Lara on IG @pineappleandflamingo_

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Like Niklas, Adam Purnell likes to work with fire.

Find out about his delicious, flame-grilled food on Insta @shropshire.lad.


Gabriella Margiotta lives in Liverpool and works in her family business. In 2017, she was working as a chef at their family-run Italian restaurant, Cucina di Vincenzo. It is highly likely that Gabi is still one of the chefs there. 

Unfortunately, Gabi is not on Instagram or any social media.


If you’re a fan of the foodie scene, and in particular, the vegan scene, then it’s most likely that you’ve come across Romy already.

The foodie is a vegan chef and photographer, who already has 15,500 followers and won ‘Best Vegan Blog 2018’. Check out Romy on Instagram @romylondonuk.


Even more well-known and established than Romy is Samira Kazan.

The London-based home cook has over 793,000 followers on Instagram, who she shares all her best recipes and DIY tricks with.

See what all the fuss is about @alphafoodie.



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