MIC's Harvey 'kissed another girl' before his sudden split from Emily

MIC's Harvey 'kissed another girl' before his sudden split from Emily

Harvey Armstrong and Emily Blackwell had their fair share of arguments, but they always seemed to work through them. However, when he was accused of cheating, things suddenly turned pear-shaped and they broke up.

The April 18th 2022 episode was full of its usual drama, but fans were shocked to see the preview clip for the upcoming episode (April 25th) with Harvey being accused of cheating by others and Emily calling him out on it.

Ruby Adler was seen saying she knows he cheated on Emily, before he is confronted by the issue later on – basically in front of the entire cast. A sheepish-looking response from Harvey has fans now wondering what happened.

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Did Harvey cheat on Emily?

Yes, Harvey cheated on Emily. He told her that he kissed a girl after Emily received a picture of him with his arm around a girl she doesn’t know. Although Tristan said Harvey didn’t cheat on her, Emily had doubts in her head.

Ruby Adler said previously that Harvey cheated on Emily, who said he “holds his hands up” because the photo “doesn’t look good.” He told Emily that the girl was cold, before she went on to explain that “something isn’t adding up.”

Tristan said Harvey left his house at 6am after that night before he got to his flat with Emily at 8am. Emily then met up with Reza and Tristan, who didn’t say no when she asked them if they’d tell her if he cheated.

However, it all came out by the end of the episode. Harvey revealed that he left Tristan’s place before “bumping into” the girl he had his arm around and “f***ing up”, but later was seen crying about breaking her heart.

Are Emily and Harvey still together 2022?

No, Harvey revealed to OK that he and Emily Blackwell “grew apart” while at “different stages of their lives.” The MailOnline also confirmed their end of 2021 split in a February 2022 article.

Although Emily has kept up pictures together on her Instagram page, the fallout of their almost two year relationship is set to play out on-screen this season, which involves allegations of Harvey being unfaithful.

A source told MailOnline:

Emily and Harvey’s relationship broke down at the end of last year. They had been experiencing problems for some time after realising they want different things and aren’t on the same page for the future. Emily was devastated by the way Harvey treated her during filming for the last series of Made In Chelsea – he acted disrespectfully, and she struggled to trust him after his behaviour changed. Their breakup is going to play out on the new series, which was difficult for them both to film.

Harvey told OK that he won’t be tuning into watch the current series but added that he will be appearing on the show for a “while longer” as it complements his lager business.

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Fans react to cheating rumours

When the cheating rumours came to light, it seemed that more people were angry at Tristan and Rez for not telling Emily what happened rather than Harvey. Looking through Twitter, there are a variety of opinions.

One wrote: “#MadeInChelsea Harvey checked our of that relationship with Emily a long time ago.

Another said: “Emily is amazing, she deserves so much more.”

“As if Tristan was covering for Harvey cheating and has the nerve to bang on about being Emily’s ‘mate’,” posted another Twitter user tuning into the show.

A fellow fan reacted: “Honestly, that’s nearly as bad as the cheating himself. Like I can see wanting to be loyal to your friend, but there is a limit to that. At the very least, he could have just not got involved or taken sides with either of them.”



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