Taskmaster's Morgana Robinson's accident in Italy explained

Taskmaster's Morgana Robinson's accident in Italy explained

Comedian Morgana Robinson is being welcomed with open arms by Taskmaster viewers – but some are concerned about her accident.

It comes as fans tune in for the latest season of the Channel 4 show, which sees comedians take part in crazy challenges to impress Greg Davies.

Some are now wondering whether Morgana got her injuries – which she posted to her Instagram page – on Taskmaster, or in a real-life accident.

Reality Titbit has done some digging to find out what happened to her, so that her fans can be totally clear on the matter. Here’s more.

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Taskmaster | Series 12 Official Trailer | Coming Soon

Taskmaster | Series 12 Official Trailer | Coming Soon

Morgana Robinson’s accident

Morgana’s accident happened while she was in Positano, Italy, when her then-boyfriend was DJing at a beach wedding.

The next day, a hungover Morgana then swam around a cove to a grotto, which involved climbing a cliff face.

She managed to climb it, and had to creep through several rocks which were extremely hot (during 48 degrees Celsius weather, claims Morgana).

Morgana then sprinted on the rocks barefoot, when she slipped and fell 25 foot down the side of the cliffs and landed on her face.

The comedian revealed the entire story on Dave’s Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled show, specifically during Series 6 Episode 8.

When was Morgana injured?

Morgana revealed to followers that she was injured in Italy four years ago, which means it was around the year of 2017.

So don’t worry, she did not get the injuries posted to her Instagram while filming for Taskmaster series 12.

She likely used the photos of her injury for comedy effect and to promote going on Dave’s Alan Davies: Untitled earlier in September.

The Taskmaster star did however reveal that she had filming the week after the accident, but this would have been for another show.

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Fans react to Morgana’s injuries

When Morgana posted her injuries, which showed heavy bruises around her eyes and nose (which had cuts), her followers were concerned.

Some thought it was the magic of make-up, but most found it hard to look at the Instagram photos she uploaded.

One follower said: “Wowzers – For a second there I thought a make up artist deserved a bloody BAFTA. Ouchies.”

Another wrote: “I feel pain just looking at this. Hope you’re ok!”

British actress Jane Allison Stanness left some kind words for Morgana.

“Oh my goodness darling!!! What the!!!?! Hope you’re ok. Big hugs sweetheart”, she commented.



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