Naked Attraction, the scandalous dating series that retains its top spot on our guilty pleasure list, is back for a sixth series.

Since it launched back in 2016, Naked Attraction has been shocking viewers with its approach to dating. Rather than go down the personality and ‘connection’ route, the Channel 4 show gets to the nitty-gritty and allows daters to pick their ideal match, based on pure physical attraction.

The new series kicked off on Thursday, January 10th and saw previous contestant Emmy-Lou return to the show hoping third time’s the charm. Also joining Emmy-Lou in the hopes of securing a date was Charlie, who failed to make a great impression on the show.

In fact, fans couldn’t help notice that Charlie’s cocky attitude when it came to bedroom antics rather resembled a character from another Channel 4 series… Jay from The Inbetweeners!

Screenshot: Naked Attraction S6 E1 – 4oD

Who is Charlie?

Charlie is a 21-year-old forensic science student from Oxford. Although we did some digging into Charlie, we could not find much about the Naked Attraction star. However, as Charlie stated he loved living in Bournemouth, it’s most likely he is a student at Bournemouth University.

Charlie expressed that he had been going for personality when looking for a partner and it had not been a success. So, in a 180-turn, Charlie decided to base his date purely on her physical attributes.

And Charlie was not afraid to bring out his scientific side when it came to analysing the girls.

He had been single for around a year before entering the dating show.

Charlie on Naked Attraction

Throughout his time on Naked Attraction, Charlie continuously boasted about his experience in the bedroom, claiming he was a BDSM “master” and getting into the specifics about what he was physically attracted to.

This did not go down well with the viewers at home and the female participants on the show who called him “rude” and “obnoxious” on Twitter.

A particularly eye-watering moment was when Charlie began to describe one of his prospective dates’ as “looser” and stated that one of the females boobs were “too big” but that he wouldn’t mind them for one specific sexual act. Charlie’s definitely not going to live this down for a while…

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Charlie’s Inbetweeners doppelgänger

Although Charlie claimed his doppelgänger was Peter Crouch – and even performed ‘the robot’ to show off their similarities – that was not who viewers at home thought he resembled.

Instead, Naked Attraction fans thought Charlie was more Jay Cartwright from The Inbetweeners.

The character (played by James Buckley) is famous for being braggadocious about his sexual activity, despite the fact Jay is a virgin and totally inexperienced in the bedroom.

There were numerous viewers who took to Twitter to share the similarities. One Tweeted: “Getting a strong Jay from Inbetweeners vibe from this guy.” Another asked: “Is Jay from Inbetweeners on tonight’s #nakedattraction?”




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